7 Reasons Why You Should Ditch Other Cities Over Bangalore, Trust Me!

By Karishma Drabla
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“The Bangalore weather is definitely feminine. It just can’t make up its mind whether to be bright, sunny or gloomy, but it is more often than not – Just beautiful”

OK! You might consider Bangalore as Bengaluru officially but we have used Bangalore more as this is what gives us pleasantly nostalgic vibe. To be honest, the Silicon Valley of India, Bangalore is more than a place to live; it is a retreat that embodies dreams and let those dreams of the people get fulfilled. 

A haven for science, an IT-hub for all amateur engineers, a pub city for all nightlife lovers, Beer capital for Beer geeks, paradise for music lovers, place with gastronomic and drool-worthy food options, Garden and tropical city for all nature-seekers, hippies and trendy youth that you’ll hardly find in any other metropolitan city and of course, exciting options for travelers – Bangalore is everything that a person dreams of to live.

And if that doesn’t still satisfy you on why we should ditch other cities over Bangalore, these reasons will. I am sure these amazing reasons that we have compiled will definitely make you believe why the title of this article is not a hyperbole.

Reason 1: The food! Oh, my gastronomic delicacies.

7 reasons why you should ditch other cities over bangalore trust me

If you have ever been to Bangalore or are actually residing in the city, you know what I am talking about. The picturesque cafes have become an integral part of the lives of Bangaloreans. Not only have the multi-cuisine restaurants allured people but the organic hangout joints as well. This shows the boom in the socio-economic diversity of the city.

Reason 2: Utopian Weather

7 reasons why you should ditch other cities over bangalore trust me

You will nowhere get to experience the same weather as that of Bangalore. The shiny and bright mornings, the cold breezy evenings with little showers of rain and the cold night chill lets the city dazzle almost the whole year. The perfect weather of the city will never make you sweat a river nor feel freeze to death. And I just wish just like the perfect Bangalore weather, life would have been perfect too.

Reason 3: Raining jobs in the town

7 reasons why you should ditch other cities over bangalore trust me

Without any second thought, we all know how it always is raining jobs in the IT-hub like Bangalore. Moreover, it’s not only the IT companies that bring opportunities for dreamers but the hoard of other fields like –bio-tech, e-commerce also has managed to attract many people either for jobs or their own start-up.

Reason 4: Art all around

7 reasons why you should ditch other cities over bangalore trust me

Yes, the city that sleeps with technology is also known for its uncanny combination of artworks. Visit Bangalore and its art galleries and you’ll feel treated for the whole of your trip. From Madhubani paintings to Picasso and Cave paintings to Modern art, the city has it all. If you want your creative juices to ooze out and if you are an art admirer then in no way, you should miss out splendid art galleries of the town. Even on talking about the cultural scene, the city is no behind in holding the traditional and modern culture commendably. And the best example is Ranga Shankara, the world-class theatre.

Reason 5: Perfect weekend getaways

7 reasons why you should ditch other cities over bangalore trust me

Check all the statistics and distances and you will leave with only one answer i.e. Bangalore when it comes to talking about the popular city getaways close to a city. Yes, Bangalore is one such perfect city of India that takes pride in being close to almost many popular weekend getaways. Talk about Goa or Gokarna, they are only at a distance of 8hours from the town. Talk about beautiful places like Shivasamudram falls, Bidadi, Mysore and Coorg and you will find all of them only half-a-day away from Bangalore. Isn’t the city apt for everyone?

Reason 6: Bangalore hosts Aero Show

7 reasons why you should ditch other cities over bangalore trust me

You won’t believe your eyes off but the fact is that the only Aero show in India that involves the participation of defense planes is conducted in the Garden city, Bangalore. This show is a perfect treat for sore eyes and now I am sure this possible reason has highly convinced you for considering Bangalore to be a cooler city than any other.

Reason 7: Destination for all kinds of people

7 reasons why you should ditch other cities over bangalore trust me

Bangalore gives something, nah everything to everyone. The art galleries to art lovers, the start-up opportunities for budding or would-be entrepreneurs, amazing opportunities to tech-savvy ones, lush greenery and spacious gardens for nature lovers, traditional convents to international schools to children, filter Kaapi or coffee to all caffeinated people, international music concerts to all music lovers, safe environment for women out there (as many women chose their career as conductors or drivers to showcase women empowerment) and yes, active night culture to the youth for their refreshment – Bangalore has it all.

Now, you might get well why Bangalore is cooler for its culture more than the weather! Be in the city once and enjoy the time of your life well.
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