7 Matchless Places To Try Local Street Food The Next Time You Visit Gurgaon

By Karishma Drabla
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Bhel, Pani Puri, Chaat, Pav-Bhaji or Noodles, Nom, Nom, Nom... Without a second thought, these words are so to be blamed for tempting all of us towards the street food and drooling over it in one or the other way. And if you happen to be in the financial hub as crowded as Gurugram, there’s no single chance you would miss trying out on some local food at famous road shops that light up the city like nothing else.

Be it any spicy chaat or Seekh Kebabs or South-Indian food like idlis, nothing is left out when it comes to the quaint food joints in Gtown and one can relish these food options effortlessly on the following street food places.

Pappu Fish Corner

local street food in gurgaon

Situated in the New Colony of old Gurgaon, this 33-year old stall is famous for its Tandoori Fish served with spicy salad and Green Chutney. We bet there would be hardly anyone in the city who would not have tried it. So, if you are a hardcore lover of fish, you must this place when in Gurgaon.

Location: Old Railway Road, New Colony More, Near Raj Mahal Deluxe Hotel, Gurugram

Baljee Restaurant

local street food in gurgaon

This restaurant holds the reputation of being oldest and popular place for all vegans. Featuring its specialty Chole Bhature from past many years and that too at an affordable price makes it a crowded spot effortlessly. And we ensure you after seeing the size of Bhatura it offers, you wouldn’t wish to have more but the taste will force you to keep ordering same. Being in the busiest Sadar Market, this place tends to be visited by many passers.

Location: Yashin Plaza, Sadar Bazar, Gurugram

Gandhi Ji Pakode Wala

local street food in gurgaon

Known to be run by the 3rd generation of Gandhi Parivaar, this Pakode Wala stall will take your heart away. This 40-year-old stall is well-known for offering delicious crispy Pakodas that allure patrons of all age groups. Along with Pakodas, they serve sweet-sour chutney which soothes the taste buds to a completely new level.

Location: Shop No.-16, Janta Market, Opposite Post Office, Near Sadar Bazar, Gurugram

Sardar Jalebi Wala

local street food in gurgaon

Another famous stall just near Gandhi Ji Pakode is of Sardar Jalebi Wala so for all those who would like a start with Pakodas and end eating up Jalebi then these stalls are must visit for them. Being a 68-year-old shop of sweets, this place is famous for its Jalebi since the time of partition of India and Pakistan. Hence, this popular affair is what you should not miss on when in Gurgaon.

Location: Jacobpura, Roshan Pura, Gurugram

Annapurna Bhandar

local street food in gurgaon

When the name of Chaat comes, people like me are bound to be irresistible to such chaat bhandars. Annapurna Bhandar, being one of those places popular for its South Indian cuisine takes pride in being the first ever restaurant in Gtown that managed to delight its customers with yummilicious Dosas, Vada Pav et al. People just drool over its delicious food and keep returning back to this stall over and again.

Location: Sadar Bazar, Opp Sham Sweets, Gurugram

The Kathi Rolls

local street food in gurgaon

The Kathi Rolls, as the name suggests, is one of such places in Gurgaon where you can every kind of rolls, be it vegetarian or non-vegetarian. Though space is compact, its taste and quality will help you in visiting this place more often. You can find this stall as Shop No. 3, SCO Market in Sector 56. So, next time if you are crossing this sector, do try the rolls and please your soul.

Location: Shop 3, SCO Market, Sector 56, Gurugram

Shakes at Sector 22

local street food in gurgaon

Well, how can we end talking only about food and no drinks when it comes to having local food? Well, after having all your chaats and food items, you can visit Sector 22 and sip your favorite shakes without any guilt. Must-try shake is of banana so once you are done with your fast food stint, visit the mentioned sector for some good shakes.

I'm a pretty much fond of street food, Are you?
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