Eat, Sleep, Run: Ludhiana Half Marathon

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Running is one sport that prides itself on owning all the benefits when it comes to health. And when it unites with a cause, you ought to run for it. Marathons were introduced as popularized events in the Olympics, recalling the glory for ancient Greeks. With its advent, Marathons have become brand ambassadors for various fund raisers events and for run-a-cause-event. For the first time, a half marathon is being organized in Ludhiana with the theme of ‘STOP VIOLENCE AGAINST WOMEN’

ludhiana half marathon 3rd sep 2017

 About The Event 

"Ludhiana Half Marathon 2017" is being organized by "Lakshya Sports Club" with an aim at encouraging both Men and Women to come together and run for this cause which has SERIOUS implications on the progressive orientation of our society. They are committed to fight Gender Inequality and Discrimination which are the main root causes of violence against women. 


Ludhiana Half Marathon 2017 

Theme - Stop Violence Against Women 

Date of the event - Sunday, 3rd September 2017

Time- 5.00 AM to 11:00 AM 

Venue -Kipps market Sarabha Nagar, Ludhiana 

Distance - 21 km. and 10 km.With Timing Chip 

                   5 km Without Timing Chip 

 Prizes - Top 3 prize in all Categories 

All participants will get T-shirt, finisher medals, certificate, and refreshment The participants of 5 km will get T-shirt, finisher medal, participation certificate and refreshment (No Age restriction and open for Men & Women both) 

Prizes - 

# Prizes for top 3 runners in both Category 

# Trophies / Medals 

# Participation certificate 

# Timing certificate 

 For any queries or Information please : 

Call: Bhumiraj Singh - 97111-51194 


Visit: LakshyaSportsClub 

Organised by - Lakshya Sports Club 

 Let me wise you up with how to run a marathon

1. Train Your Mind 

ludhiana half marathon 3rd sep 2017

Running a marathon is not less than racing against you. But once you have decided on it, it’s less of a pain and more of fun. All you need is to train your mind for those challenges. And in these hours, what keeps you motivated is your own brain. Your legs might ache, the heart would pump loud and your breath will cry to you to stop and that’s when your brain needs a quote. You can run, you can run, you can run. 

2. Running Essentials

ludhiana half marathon 3rd sep 2017

It's all in the shoes. For a successful running, you need a good pair of shoes that are tried and tested, ankle length lightweight socks to avoid blisters and your motivated quote to get going you. Avoid trying your new shoes because the feet might be uncomfortable with the newness.

3. Date The Track- Race Strategies 

ludhiana half marathon 3rd sep 2017

It’s not about running; it’s about the talk between your feet and the track. Get your feet talking by strategizing your race. Run the initial kilometres with a slow pace (don’t worry about the passing runners). Slightly increasing the speed when reached the middle point and finally running faster with each passing km and maintain it strong and fast till the end. 

4. Thirst For Success 

ludhiana half marathon 3rd sep 2017

While on the track, you will understand the meaning of throwing water on fire. That throat of yours is on fire and drying out of thirst. Instead of chugging on that bottle, sip by sip wet your mouth and keep the thirst for success.Gulping that water doesn’t do good because your body doesn’t actually absorb all of it. Most of it will run right through you. Sip by Sip thirst for success.

5. Pre- Marathon Diet

ludhiana half marathon 3rd sep 2017

 Eat a healthy breakfast of 400-600 calories. The trick is to top off your energy stores without eating something that will feel heavy in your stomach. Some good options: Oatmeal or cold cereal with low-fat milk, or toast with peanut butter. Keep that bowel light so that you run high. 

6. Sleep is the best Meditation 

ludhiana half marathon 3rd sep 2017

Your body needs to store that energy so that it can vitally use it for the long run. You can do some final things to clear your mind: create an easy to-do list for the next day, set an alarm clock (or two!), and have running clothes laid out and ready for the morning run. 

 Pull up your socks and get those endorphins rush….    
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