10 Essential Monsoon Fashion Tips for Chandigarh Residents

By Sakshi Budhraja
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With the rain-soaked streets, the musty aroma of damp soil, and the urge to dance in the showers, the Monsoon in Chandigarh brings a refreshing respite from the heat of summer. Before you walk out into this beautiful weather, you need to upgrade your wardrobe with some monsoon magic.

Shoutlo cannot let you degrade your fashion and style even during the monsoon. Thus, we have listed our 10 Essential Monsoon Fashion Tips for Chandigarh Residents to help them stand out in style. Let’s jump in and keep up with your fashion while fending off the rain!

Keep it Light with Breathable Fabrics

monsoon fashion tips

Humidity and thick fabrics do not go well together. Thus, it is always best to wear breathable and moisture-wicking clothes like linen, cotton, nylon, chambray, etc. Wearing light, frilly, and flowing clothes keeps you cool and comfy during the monsoon season while also adding a touch of grace. Avoid leather, georgette, velvets, chiffons, and silk as they take so long to dry.

Bright Up the Color Game with Brighter Shades

monsoon fashion tips

Monsoon Season is the perfect time to bring out your bright shade clothes and ditch the neutrals. Skip out on your tans, browns & grey and choose brighter colors that will uplift your mood during the gloomy weather. Blue, Yellow, Orange, Green, Indigo, etc., would be an excellent selection for your stylish monsoon wardrobe. One of the most essential monsoon fashion tips is to avoid whites as you don’t want permanent stains.

Switch to Quick-Dry Bottoms

monsoon fashion tips

Wet jeans sticking to the skin? Ugh, no way! The monsoon season is a time for fun and rain. However, it can also be a challenge to stay stylish and dry. Swap your regular full-length jeans with quick-drying bottoms like shorts, skirts, culottes, etc., that will quickly dry and keep you cool. However, you need to make sure that your bottom wears are made from lightweight and water-repellent fabrics. So go out there and have some fun in the rain with your buddies without worrying about your bottoms getting dirty and wet.

Waterproof Makeup to the Rescue

monsoon fashion tips

Who says you cannot rock your makeup look amidst raindrops? It is agreed that keeping the makeup minimal during the monsoon season is always a good idea. But hey, you can highlight your beautiful eyes with waterproof mascaras, smudge-proof liners, and long-lasting eye tints. Furthermore, smudge-proof lipsticks and water-resistant lip tints are your best friends during monsoons. With these simple tricks, you can enjoy every raindrop while also keeping your makeup intact.

Protect Your Hair in Style

monsoon fashion tips

Spent hours styling your hair only for a mere minute in the drizzle to ruin all your efforts? We feel you! But, don’t worry because we have the ultimate solution to protect your hair and keep them looking fab. Protecting your hair and scalp from getting drenched in the rain is considered one of the most valuable monsoon fashion tips. Style your hair with funky rain hats, trendy headbands, or a bandana that not only keeps your hair in place but also adds a little elegance to your whole look.

Footwear That Doesn’t Slip in the Puddle

monsoon fashion tips

Next among the 10 Essential Monsoon Fashion Tips for Chandigarh Residents is to wear monsoon-friendly footwear. Try avoiding sports shoes and leather shoes as they won’t dry out quickly and the continuous wetness can make your feet sink which nobody around you wants (not even you). Instead, opt for stylish and comfy flip-flops that not only dry out in no time but also do not degrade your style game.

Add the Wow Factor with Vibrant Accessories

monsoon fashion tips

Accessories can either add the perfect finishing touch to your outfit or be the spoiler of your fashion game. Adding a splash of vibrant and bright-colored accessories to your monsoon special outfit can make all the statement. Add a pop of color with a waterproof and vibrant bag that protects your essentials as well as makes heads turn. Furthermore, a raincoat is a need to protect yourself from the heavy downpours that fall down on your shoulder. Thus, invest in a good, funky color long raincoat that will create a style statement in itself.

Make a Statement with Minimal Jewelry

monsoon fashion tips

When it comes to jewelry, less is always more during the monsoon season. Go with minimal jewelry like a statement neckpiece, a broad bracelet, or long earrings that perfectly complement your look. Not a good idea to flaunt your silver jewelry during rain as it is more likely to get oxidized due to humidity. So, better to save them for drier days.

Bring Out Those Playful and Vibrant Prints

monsoon fashion tips

Next among the 10 Essential Monsoon Fashion Tips for Chandigarh Residents is to opt for playful prints. Monsoons are nature’s way of painting the town with vibrant prints and patterns. Thus, choose bright patterns that cheer you up and make a fashionable statement, including flower prints, tropical motifs, or quirky patterns.

Don’t Forget the Confidence Umbrella

monsoon fashion tips

The most important tip among the list of 10 Essential Monsoon Fashion Tips for Chandigarh Residents is to wear your confidence like an umbrella. Whatever you decide to wear, own it with a smile and a positive attitude. Confidence is the perfect accessory that can instantly turn any outfit from drab to fab. So, rock that outfit with a smile and a sparkle of confidence that lights up the environment around you.

Chandigarh Residents, it is time to show off in the monsoon with these 10 Essential Monsoon Fashion Tips. Go out and enjoy the rains while staying elegant, dry, and fashionable. Happy Monsoon!
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