Best Destinations To Spend New Year's Eve In India

By Muskaan Nagrath
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Thirty First December…Familiar Date…? But why written in words…? Finding difficulty deciphering the date mentioned in words… I know… I know… You must be thinking why am I building this piece of cake and baffling you. All Right! Fine! Enough of this playing around. Moving to the crux of this article… 

After your birthday, 31st December is the fascinating date in the calendar that we all look up to. I remember my friends asking to make the scene but I wonder why we choose the same old boring places? So instead of those traditional places, I have created a list of doing something different this New Years. 

Below are mentioned a few places (Of course, covering a place for party animals) if you planning to go a little overboard this time to celebrate New Year. The following places are a bit different from your expectations and I hope to fire you with some enthusiasm to try your wings this time. 

Blaze the trail and Fire Up the New Year… 

Goa- Party Paradise 

make your scene at these new year destinations in india

To begin with, for all the party animals out there, Goa is a designated place for you guys now. From Music Fests to Exceptional Parties, this state is a legend. Hop into the Vagator Beach, Palolem Beach and tap to the tunes of DJ Suketu and other International DJ’s on the roll. A secret getaway in on hold for you at Goa’s Secret Party destination.It's already Mid- Dec and what are you waiting for. Get your tickets booked and gang up your bunch of crazy friends. Work Hard! Party Harder! 

Shimla-Queen Of Hill Stations

make your scene at these new year destinations in india

This is my Dad’s favorite destination. Give him a day and he will gather everything at light years speed and plan a trip. This is the charm of Shimla. Anyway, welcoming New Year in the lap of nature and being surrounded by bespoke mountains, feeling the fresh air is much more than you expect. The snow-capped mountains (if the weather is favorable) jeweled by the household lights will amaze your eyes and leave you spell-bound. Bust in the Ridge (Mall Road) and get mesmerized by the beauty of this hill station. The renowned Hotels have packages set for you. Go check them out. 

Kasol- Heaven On Earth 

make your scene at these new year destinations in india

Anytime, Anywhere, Party is ready at Kasol. Go around Kasol in any part of the year and you will be enthralled by its hip-nature. And when its New Years, this place ought to reach a new level. The Hippie place is inspired by Israel culture and lets you sulk, to achieve a divine feeling. Though the parties were banned last year, its back with a bang with its Music festivals and New Year Parties. Kasol oodles out madness, craziness which will make you feel liberated at the same. Rip-roaring time awaits you to poetize your experience. 

Uttarakhand- Chasing Mountains Belts 

make your scene at these new year destinations in india

The ecstatic feeling when you chase the mountain tracts and discover its outlines is felt only when you reach out to such places. ‘Yeh Jawaani Hai Deewani’ movie trek scenes is a perfect example to win one’s spur. Cmon, buck up and cheer up your fellow beings for an adventurous New Year. Give a shot and try trekking in the various parts of the state. Trust me, that joy of trekking and turning up trumps will surprise your soul also. The mountains are calling… where are you… 

Sikkim- Chills and Thrills 

make your scene at these new year destinations in india

Why chills…? Because of the low temperature and freezing waters. And Why thrills…? Because the place will hypnotize you and leave you in a state of euphoria. Try a Helicopter Ride for an enchanting experience. Lay your eyes on the aerial views of the Sikkim and its ranges. I’m getting goosebumps already and can imagine the spark in your eyes as well. More to it… Whisper in the mountain pass of Sikkim- Nathu La Pass and talk to the mountains or try walking on the frozen waters of Gurudongmar Lake. 

Kovalam- Lighthouse Of India 

make your scene at these new year destinations in india

Kerala’s beach town is yet another famous getaway this New Year. Climb along the spiral stairs of the 35 m Lighthouse that guards the coastline and welcome the new year. Also, a warm weather favors trying your hands on the various sports activities like Scuba Diving, Kayaking, Water Skiing, and Surfing. Get your loose pants and sexy beachwear to kick start the year the sassy way. A word to the wise- Keep yourself hydrated since the climate can be unpredictable and keep handy those water bottles. 

An adventurous start to a new you and new beginning. Cheers to you, Cheers to me: Have a Happy New Year’s Eve!  
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