Cheers! Liquor Ban Be Gone: Supreme Court Confirms Licensed Bars In City Can Serve Alcohol

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To control the frequent road accidents, the Supreme Court of India passed an order on fifteen December 2016 banning all liquor shops along highways. The order of alcohol ban in the outlets on highway created a lot of hustle-bustle in the country. The F&B and alcohol industry incurred a huge loss due to this judgment. The vendors requested the court to revise it, but the court was very strict with its order. But on 23rd of August 2017, The Supreme Court of India gave some clarifications regarding its order on Liquor ban. It stated that the licensed bars which are within the city limits of 500 metres are relieved from the ban.

no liquor ban licensed bars can sell alcohol

Earlier the apex court stated that all the bars, restaurants and pubs which at highways will also come under this order. But this modification proved to be a major grant by the court to the vendors. They can now again start operating after their license renewal. After this now around eighty-five percent bars and restaurants will resume working again. The bars and restaurants will start selling alcohol within two to three weeks after their licenses are renewed.

Earlier in Chandigarh city, The Madhya Marg, Dakshin Marg, and Himalaya Marg were to be denotified, but with the new order, this might not happen as they are in the municipal limits of the city. Many places which looked deserted due to the ban will now become lively again. The hotel owners are overwhelmed after hearing about these orders. They can now operate again in approximately 4 weeks times and will welcome their guests. The owners of some famous places that were only serving food till now after liquor ban had started to look for alternatives, but now they don't have to. 

no liquor ban licensed bars can sell alcohol

The following order was uploaded on the official website-

"The purpose of the directions contained in the order dated 15 December 2016 is to deal with the sale of liquor along and in the proximity of highways properly understood which provide connectivity between cities, towns, and villages. The order does not prohibit licensed establishments within municipal areas. This clarification shall govern other municipal areas as well,”

The ban had affected a lot of business in India. Many states like Kerela, Bihar, Nagaland, etc. had put a whole state ban on Liquor. Gujarat government also announced death penalty for the one who manufactured liquor or sold homemade liquor. In 2014, The Kerala government stopped renewing the license and permitted only fourteen five-star hotels to sell alcohol. The hospitality industry suffered more than 1000 crore loss as said by Riyaz Amlani who is the president of National Restaurant Association of India. The spirits and beer industry's business too saw a downfall. The MD of United Spirits Anand Kripalu stated that more than 15000 stories were closed due to this order.

no liquor ban licensed bars can sell alcohol

The supreme court did not want to allow any institution or make any changes in the judgment because its primary motive was the welfare of the citizens. On an everyday basis, many innocent people lose their lives due to drunk drivers. Thus, this decision was taken to put an end to drink and drive cases.

Decisions made by the government are not always welcomed, and they might not be beneficial for all the people at the same time. But what ever decision it takes it foresees the long term benefits. It is due to our irresponsible behavior that forced the government to take this step. 

The team of ShoutLo supports the decision and also requests you all not to drink and drive. If you do drink, don't drive and take a cab home. Be safe!
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