Together In Festive & Distress: Tricity's Glory & Courage Diaries

By Muskaan Nagrath
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Watching thousands of innocent people bearing the brunt and aftermath of Guru Ram Rahim case would give anybody heebie-jeebies. The most spectacular megalopolis of India- Tricity is not only beautiful because of its cleanliness and architecture but because of the audacious people that turn the place into a heroic city. I’d love to; in fact, anybody who has or had a lovey-dovey affair with it would be proud to admit that the city people have a strong stomach. 

The city at being brave and bold- 

1. Complicated times – Cooperation at its best 

open letter to tricity

Various areas were bordered and secured by the police men. As we say, together we stand, divided we fall, was validated by Tricity’s people. Reaching back one’s home was a daunting task at hand due to various barriers and diversions which added to commuters’ distress. Understanding that all these are need of the hour, the public did show much cooperation with the security forces despite the strict checking norms.

 2. Fearfighters- Battle the battleground 

open letter to tricity

The news already had scared people so much that the incoming of Dera Premis in the residential areas froze people’s capacity to move and act. The sounds of Lathi-charge, whizzing bullets, stone pelting turned the streets into the battle ground. Jiggling with anxiety and panic thoughts, the people while locked up indoors held their belief high with a self-reminder to stay calm in such situation and battle the battleground. 

3. Halt on the Information Highway 

open letter to tricity

Suddenly out of nowhere, the GPRS services are seized and you are left clueless about what’s happening outside. Instead of all the confusion and going hanky-panky, the residents maintained their patience. The families gathered enough courage to live the stone age despite being tech-savvy. 

 4. The digital marketization 

open letter to tricity

The news of seizing the internet services had already been circulated among the masses. Thanks to the special pages dedicated consistently towards mankind. The violence didn’t stop them from posting the updates and various other valuable information like sharing important numbers so that those with Wi-Fi can spread the news through word of mouth. 

 5. Charity begins at home

open letter to tricity

Relentlessly serving their duties without bothering about their families and their own lives, the armed men diligently perform vital services to save the common man from the violence. The keepers of peace and protectors of public were served milk, juice, and fruits as an expression of gratitude by the volunteers. Three cheers for their endeavors. 

 6. Technology etiquette 

open letter to tricity

People are literate enough to comprehend the situation. Meanwhile, while few were busy posting and adding fuel to the fire by aggravating the fear among the public. Few other gentlemen were requesting and condemning posts which instill a sense of hatred and social apprehensions. Thanks for their anticipation.

7. We care for you- Tricity’s Police 

open letter to tricity

We all are aware of the Tricity’s Police endurance and perseverance. Seldom police is now a random police. Had they been not there, the situation would have worsened. Hereby expressing our salutation, appreciation, and gratitude to police officers, various other armed men and security forces for their concerted effort and endeavors in maintaining the stability and order, especially working in a risky environment. They have demonstrated the high degree of bravery in executing the duties. 

8. The Show man- Jagdeep Singh

open letter to tricity

Jagdeep Singh, the judge of the special Central Bureau of Investigation (CBI) Court who had declared Dera Sacha Sauda chief Gurmeet Ram Rahim Singh Ji guilty of raping a woman, is described to be a no-nonsense man by his colleagues. The man bestowed with great courage for convictions- Ek salute toh banta hai boss to the judge and the entire panel. He didn’t only talk the talk but walked the walk with great courage of convictions 

The Tricity Alliance - Epitome of cooperation, patience and peace!
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