The Patio By Rustic Door - A Perfect Place For Celebrations And Get-Togethers

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Selecting the perfect venue for a party or a get-together can be a headache. But, The Patio Terrace by Rustic Door gives you the perfect venue for any kind of party you want to throw. Be it a birthday party, a bachelor's night, a kitty party, an office gathering, or a family function, The Patio is one such place that offers a perfect setting for smaller gatherings. 

patio by rustic door panchkula

Popular Choice For An Intimate, Cozy Celebration

If elegance is your tagline, The Patio by Rustic Door exemplifies it perfectly. It’s a go-to place for warm, elegant celebrations for your guests. This terrace is so aesthetically pleasing that one can do away with grand decorations and instead, just opt for minimal decor and lighting (Think fairy lights). The property is perfect for contemporary-style events, and the location at Hi5 Mall, Panchkula makes it an even better choice.

patio by rustic door panchkula

Ideal for intimate celebrations, The Patio can host celebrations, wedding functions, private parties, get-togethers, and even corporate events as it can accommodate every requirement of the occasion for up to 100 people. This place is a favourite of many, and celebrating a special occasion with them always turns out to be memorable. 

patio by rustic door panchkula

So, if you are looking for beautiful rooftop views, gorgeous decor to provide the right setting then without any second thought you truly need to consider The Patio that not only hosts events but also offers exquisite food.

Adding Magic To Your Special Day

Why let your wedding functions be just another function when you could do it at a dreamy venue. Perfect for a Mehendi ceremony that rolls into a sangeet, Rustic Door offers a dreamy lawn to host your wedding events. So, we suggest you ditch the formal star hotels and traditional halls for your special day. 

patio by rustic door panchkula

Evening functions seem more mystical than usual with chirping birds and the warm glow of the sun (or shimmering white of the moon) making it an enchanting venue. So if you’re looking for a subtle but stunning venue, then look no further. With its appetizing menu and flavorsome dishes, it's a win-win.

Keeping It Pretty

Imagine the feeling of enjoying a gorgeous sunset as you sip on your favorite coffee and gorge on your favorite food. Sounds amazing right? All this comes to life at this amazing rooftop restaurant. 

patio by rustic door panchkula

An aesthetically done open terrace which is beautifully lit by fairy lights, they have a spacious area with a water fountain and buddhas welcoming you, DJ playing the grooviest songs, a live band entertaining the audience, and an illuminated live counter which just draws you in. 

patio by rustic door panchkula

With a stunning view, especially when the weather is just right, the decor of this terrace creates a beautiful backdrop when you are so casually sipping on coffee or tea. It is also a perfect place for that perfect Instagram shot. Attention-grabbing bright blue Grafitti will draw you into what is a whimsical set up straight out of Space. With the hippest design and captions like - "Drink Happy Thoughts" painted on exposed brick walls, the place offers a laid back and chilled out vibe. Go there around the evening to enjoy the fairy lights and have the best of the pictures clicked for the feed.

Chill Vibes 

patio by rustic door panchkula

If you are sick of the done-to-death club scenes and want to spend your evening in a more chill setting, you might want to consider The Patio Terrace in Panchkula. They have live music starting in the evening and goes on till closing hours. The music is kept soothing and not so loud, to enable conversations to take a swing. The Patio is definitely worth a visit for its delightful rooftop ambiance, which just gets better when you have a group of buddies to chat with over a coffee or two, accompanied by a good dose of lively music.

Make Your Date Night The Best One

patio by rustic door panchkula

With an elegant pavilion and a charming wooden gazebo, this terrace bar in Panchkula offers a romantic setting, you will surely remember. Watch a beautiful sunset or sit under the winter starry sky, The Patio offers gorgeous views and a relaxed setting with just the right amount of fancy for a date.

We are all gaga over this place and highly recommend The Patio Terrace for family get-togethers, parties & functions

2nd Floor, Hi5 Mall, Sector 5, Panchkula, Haryana 134109
The Patio - Terrace Bar Address
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