Wildest Party Hub- Playboy Is Coming To Chandigarh

By Kashish Sharma
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Chandigarhians! Your wildest party fantasy is coming to life as world-renowned Playboy Club is opening in Chandigarh!

'Hot News' Of Your City

With playboy opening in our beloved city, the entire party skyline of North India, let alone Chandigarh is going to witness a phenomenal change. The party lovers won’t even know what hit them as Playboy Chandigarh will them on an extravagant steamy trail of the most epic parties.

wildest party hub playboy is coming to chandigarh

From the sin cities of Chicago, Las Vegas, New York, Macao, Mumbai to now making its way to Chandigarh, the name Playboy is a cult in itself and is as huge as it gets. Playboy Chandigarh is probably the biggest breakthrough, the party culture of North India will witness, this decade!

All Hail The Bunny! 

The iconic logo of playboy is a symbol of premium and majestic parties all across the world and now this coy, sinful, playful little party-lover is in your city to get you grooving super-super soon!

wildest party hub playboy is coming to chandigarh

Playboy clubs are exclusively known for catering ‘crème de la crème’ and we can expect nothing short of this exceptional service here in Chandigarh, also. Playboy Chandigarh is sure to attract the elite and will have patrons from Amritsar, Jalandhar, Ludhiana and other cities of Punjab, thronging its floors. With the party culture already hitting the roof in Punjab, Playboy Chandigarh is here to revolutionize that and change the way people party!

A Hell Lot Of Wildness Waiting For You Every Weekend!

Further elevating your party psyche and taking clubbing experiences up a several notches, Playboy Chandigarh had PROPHEC ft. DJ Felix and Kitty Kat on board for the launch event. Who better than the most prolific urban Punjabi musician of our generation to launch the ‘Hot news’ of our city with bomb music and extraordinary anthems. 

playboy club chandigarh

It’s about time, my fellow party lads, get ready to put on your million dollar shoes because it is time to get groovy every weekend at the biggest party night in the city!

Rage With The Most Elite Night Club

The ambiance at Playboy is going to be non-descript and within minutes of entering, you’ll feel like you’ve arrived at another time, another world whole together. Of course, it’s swanky, it’s plush and the entire space is done up in theme colors of red, black and gold. The dance floors are exceptionally spacious and the lighting effects are unparalleled and nothing like you’ve seen before. Absolutely mind-blowing!

playboy club chandigarh

Offering the most heightened experiences, Playboy doesn't compromise with the food as it serves the most exquisite delicacies which are sure to set the mood even higher and pump you up with energy and ignite the passion to own the dance floor with your wicked dance moves! 

Evening Of Glitz, Glam, & a Revolutionary Party Experience!

And, just when you thought your Friday is sorted with their Grand Launch, they had DJ TeriMiko and Kalpanik Bass ft. Felix and Kitty Kat in the house!! If you missed joining the bunnies this weekend, fret not! Playboy is now open to flood the city with some seriously lethal party addiction - the one that’s never been tasted before! You don't want to miss this, do you?

playboy club chandigarh

SO, dress up to break your mundane party routine and brace yourselves to surrender to some wicked intoxication and sway the night away with your fiery moves to align your evening right. Playboy Chandigarh, sure, is coming in hot!

Enough of the chit-chatter, we know you all can't wait to be at the most hip and happening party in all of North India on 28th Feb, 9 PM onwards. It’s going to be GRAND, LEGENDARY, LOUD, CLASSY, and SINFUL!

So, spread the word, awaken your spirits and get ready to fancy up with the wildest club in Asia! A night of bling and sin awaits you!

Are you joining us? Well, you're gonna miss on the biggest party night in Chandigarh if you are not!
Floor 3, City Emporium Mall, Industrial Area Phase I, Chandigarh, 160002
Playboy Club Address
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