Pocket Friendly Honeymoon Destinations

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It is not just the wedding trends that have changed over time, but honeymoon trends too. Couples don’t want to visit the average, local cities and states anymore. Honeymoon-ing has gone a few steps further. Newly Weds are now looking for international destinations for their ‘us’ time.

As lavish as it may sound, international vacations do not always burn a hole in your pocket. Don’t trust us? Have a look at these few incredibly exotic and best honeymoon destinations on a budget!

#1 is Thailand

It is the nearest and cheapest location to be visited by Indian couples. It offers delicious food, excellent beaches, and luxuriating spas.

Things to do: Visit Limestone cliffs in the waters, Thai Elephant Home, Mae Taeng.

Cost per night: INR 2,250/-

pocket friendly honeymoon destinations

#2 is Malaysia. 

This place will offer you variegated things. From malls to rain forests, to temples and what not. You will surely enjoy the amazing views and calms of this place.

Things to do: Petronas Twin Towers, Redang Island,

Cost per night: INR 1,250/-

pocket friendly honeymoon destinations

#3 is Nepal. 

Our Bordering neighbor swanks snow clad mountains, hilly terrains, and spiritual places. You’ll click fantastic photographs here, and wave off to the people going up the Himalayas. This place will drench you in its peace.

Things to do: Boudhanath, Pashupathi Nath temples, Phewa Tal.

Cost per night: INR 1,150/-

pocket friendly honeymoon destinations

#4 is Maldives

This place will spoil you with the exotic spas, sun-kissed beaches, amazing water sports, and breathtaking views. This is a very popular honeymoon destination, and will surely help you make the best memories ever!

Things to do: Scuba and Snorkeling, Alimatha Island, Sun Island beach.

Cost per night: INR 2,900/-

pocket friendly honeymoon destinations

#5 is Mauritius. 

The Turquoise waters will set you in the mood, just as you step into this place. Luxurious spas, extravagant beaches, and mouthwatering delicacies will leave you mesmerized.

Things to do: Chamarel, SSR Botanic Garden, Crystal Rock.

Cost per night: INR 3,500/-

pocket friendly honeymoon destinations

#6 is Dubai 

Don’t freak out when we say Dubai. This place will go easy on your pocket if you save at just the right places. Book yourself an all-inclusive hotel and stay there a little longer. Problem solved. Its city is much more than skyscrapers and ridiculously rich people! Take a walk along the city side and historical places. Treat yourself a desert safari and relax on the beaches and fancy restaurants.

Things to do: Burj Khalifa, Dubai Aquarium and Underwater Zoo, Dubai Fountains.

Cost per night: INR 2,000/-

pocket friendly honeymoon destinations

#7 is Indonesia. 

The greenest, and serene place ever. Indulge in the luxury of nature, and the blue-green seas. The flora and aura of this place will want you to stay there forever! Bali has a lot to offer, here are the things that you simply cannot miss on your honeymoon in Bali

Things to do: Borobudur Temple, Waterbom Bali, Ubud, Sekempul Waterfalls.

Cost per night: INR 2,600/-

pocket friendly honeymoon destinations

#8 is Hungary. 

Being a European country, this place will not disappoint you in terms of architecture and heritage sites. It offers more than 200 camping sites, and many parks and museums.

Things to do: Castle Hill and Parliament, Budapest, Buda Castle, Zoo Sosto.

Cost per night: INR 3,400/-

pocket friendly honeymoon destinations

Pro-tip: Always book your tickets and hotels etc. beforehand. It gives you the early bird discount and also helps you plan out the rest of your trip much more easily.

pocket friendly honeymoon destinations

Quit all your worries and start packing up for the time of your life!
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