Punjabi Delicacies That Rule The Food Industry

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A very dear Punjabi friend of mine Japjeet once told me, "We Punjabis are born to serve." Punjabi food not only serves hungry tummies but it also serves soul with satisfaction. Punjabi food is the ultimate nirvana for foodies like me. Punjabi food will always taste good whether you eat it from a Dhaba or a high-end restaurant, this is the most enthralling fact about it. No one can resist and escape the great taste and the aroma combined with butter. It is a perfect bait.

Top 10 Punjabi dishes:

1. Butter Chicken

punjabi delicacies

This dish needs no introduction. It is a legend in itself. Butter Chicken is the "Sharma Ji Ka Beta", every non-vegetarian's favourite. Chicken cooked in thick tomato puree with a gallop of cream is pure food porn. The way to eat it by ditching culinary and let your hand do the job.

2. Makki di Roti De Sarson da Saag

punjabi delicacies

This is Punjab's time-honoured dish. Punjab is equivalent to this dish. The saag is mustard leaves and spinach, and the Roti is made up of Cornflour. The most enthralling fact about this dish is that is delicious and healthy too.

3. Tandoori Chicken

punjabi delicacies

India's most wanted non-vegetarian starter is this. Marinated chicken cooked in metal or clay oven brings in a smoky flavour. You can enjoy with onion salad and chutney.

4. Dal Makhni

punjabi delicacies

It is not the ordinary dal but the king of dals. It is a combination of black lentil and red kidney beans. This is not only easy to make, but it is readily available as well. You can enjoy this best with rice or roti.

5. Rajma Chawal

punjabi delicacies

This is every mom's favourite as it is very healthy and not oily. This is red kidney beans cooked in various spices which in turn spices up our boring lives, It is not a traditional Punjabi dish, but the north Indian people are crazy about it.

6. Khadi Chawal

punjabi delicacies

This is my personal favorite. Kadhi is a gram flour fritters cooked in curd gravy, and Chawal is rice. The sour, spicy flavour can be enjoyed eating with bare hands. It is effortless to prepare.

7. Chhole Bhature

punjabi delicacies

This is a traditional Punjabi dish. You will find this dish in every restaurant of India which serves North Indian Food. Enjoy it with onion salad. This is Chana or Chole eaten with fried bread. It is a heavy dish.

8. Aaalo Parantha

punjabi delicacies

Delicious and nutritious this is the summary of this dish. Paranthas stuffed with potato tastes heavenly. You can enjoy it with curd or green chutney.

9. Gajar Ka Halwa

punjabi delicacies

This is the most eaten dish during the winter season. Mashed carrots cooked with ghee and sugar is mouthwatering. Garnished with dry fruits gives it a delicious taste.

10. Lassi

punjabi delicacies

This is the most traditional dish of Punjab. Punjab without Lassi is unimaginable. Chilled curd with sugar is the best drink. One can also drink the salty one as well. These days there are a lot of variants of Lassi like strawberry, mint, mango, etc. Start your day with a glass of lassi or end your meal with it.

How many of these foods have you tried? We’d love to hear your suggestions too, so share your unsung heroes in the comments below
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