These Punjabi Short Films Will Melt Your Heart

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With the increasing influence of the internet, short films are frequently drawing more viewers and have grown a success factor for story-tellers. Such films have an appealing story, and it is likely to do so in less than half the time and with a fraction budget.

At ShoutLo, we have compiled a list of the best Punjabi short films which inspire a lot.

1. PG 

punjabi short films

It is a beautifully written Punjabi short film based on true story, which teaches us that our parents spend lots of money on us but what we do in return; we only spend that money on our girlfriend's needs irrespective what our parents want us to do in life.

2. KAMBDI DEORRI (The Shivering Gateway)

punjabi short films

This is a story of Pali, a motherless young girl living with her step-father, confronts the harsh truths of today's world. When she observes the intimate bond within the family changing into a sex-greedy beast, she rebels and chooses to face it, rather than agree.


punjabi short films

Ilam brings in light Punjab's unexplained struggle of sanity; it highlights the significant social concern prevailing in Punjab, the drug threat. The short film is a compelling story told through the sights of an old person. It leaves the onlooker in a position of thought but also with a light of optimism for a prosperous future.


punjabi short films

A short film by Sahib Gill, Blind Son is a story about mind blindness. This is the most beautiful story about those psychologically blind boys who put their mothers into a sorrowful life. This story tells us how much our parents love us to the moon.


punjabi short films

Pehchaan is a short film about a boy with drug addiction, who lost his personality continuously and was losing his hidden skill and abilities; the film carries a social note to all the youth.The film has been bestowed 2nd in Punjab University Cine Vision Festival 2017.


punjabi short films

A lovely story that teaches us that it does not matter what we are doing openly for others, what matter is how much we mean it instead of showing off things.


punjabi short films

This short film is 1st Runners up of CINE VISION AWARD. It is one of the best short films which tells us that both our daughter and son are equal in every aspect of our life. This movie is a must-watch film which will bring tears to your eyes.


punjabi short films

Two friends meet to accomplish a 20-year-old promise, but their meeting takes an unforeseen turn.


punjabi short films

Jagjeet is a short movie about a guy, Sikh by religion loaded with guilt that he could not rescue his boyhood friend during the 1984 Sikh carnage in India because he got frightened and now annoyed by this feeling, he finds challenging to breathe with ordinary daily life. The movie takes a concise and cogent look at the ruthless guilt that always chases Jagjeet after he loses to protect his best friend because of fear of his personal life from rebels.


punjabi short films

Sakhi is a short movie based on the habit and overuse of smartphones. For the younger children, their dependence on phones for social media and playing games is very worrisome. Unnecessary usage of social media can provide more awareness but fewer friends.

There are many other Punjabi short films which deserve to make it to the list, but these above few gems are a good place to start. 
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