Chandigarh's Favourite Bowling Place Has A New SMAAASHing Name

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India's bowling experience will soon be upgrading with some swift changes and up gradations. The whole entertainment and bowling format will undergo some significant transformation. This will also be a treat for the citizens of Chandigarh city.

pvr bluo elante mall chandigarh

PVR bluO Elante Mall in Chandigarh has made the bowling game very popular in the city. It has become the first choice for leisure and entertainment activity of the youth and the adults of the city.  

But on 8th August 2017, India's famous and the biggest movie exhibitor PVR has sold its bowling venture bluO entertainment to Smaaash Entertainment limited. PVR had a share of fifty-one percent in the BluO venture, and the other half was owned by a Thailand based group namely Major Cineplex. But now PVR will work mainly in the cinema exhibition business. The deal was signed at 86 crore. PVR is currently operated in 587 cinema halls across 51 cities and is supported by Warburg Pincus who has a stock ownership of 820 crores.

pvr bluo elante mall chandigarh

Now "SMAAASH" is the full owner of bluO. Earlier Smaaash only has 276,000 square feet acquisition in India, but after this deal, they acquired around 600,000 square feet. Launched in 2012 this ventures entirely focuses on gaming and entertainment ventures that involve enthralling experiences for kids, teens, and adults. Its current presence is in Ludhiana, Noida, Mumbai, Gurgaon, Bengaluru, Hyderabad and also in America. The reach of Smaaash will now be more in India after this deal.

pvr bluo elante mall chandigarh

It is co-owned by Sachin Tendulkar who is also the brand ambassador of the venture. In 2012, FidelisWorld invested 10.8 million dollars in the firm. It is also supported by India's renowned media house Bennett Colemand and Co Limited. The newly acquired centres which only had bowling alleys will be now transformed into digital entertainment centres which will include various games and activities like cricket, football, racing and other relevant activities. More centres are proposed to open soon.

pvr bluo elante mall chandigarh

Ajay Bijli, the chairman and MD of PVR, said that it was a big decision but also a vital one for the company. As now they can put in a lot of efforts in the exhibition business. This will be very helpful for them to upgrade the quality of their primary services and plan strategies to take the business to greater heights.

Shripal Morakhia, the chairman and chief imagination officer of Smaaash Entertainment, said that Smaaash will now have a full reach in India. Both the ventures chose those cities in India where people like this kind of activities. The urban citizens will now witness a whole new experience of gaming at a different level. The premium locations and infrastructure is a significant advantage. 

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