7 Reasons Why All The Daring Men Should Fast Too This Karva Chauth

By Karishma Drabla
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Guys! It’s the time you return the favor that is due...

Karva Chauth is around the corner and it’s another Indian festivity that needs no introduction, all thanks to the Bollywood movies like DDLJ and Kabhi Khushi Kabhie Gham which have portrayed the larger than life image of Karva Chauth. While all you women out there might know the anecdotish importance and the real purpose of celebrating this festival, for few of us it is a day to celebrate the marital bond and wish for the longevity of other half’s life.

The concept of Karva Chauth is quite simple- Wives keep a long-day fast from sunrise to moonrise without having food or a single drop of water and then at the end of the day they break their fast while having water and sweet from their husband’s hands. Sounds cool but yes it’s patriarchal.

Well, have you ever given a thought that only women have been seen fasting for the well-being of their husbands? I mean, if the couple wants to enjoy and spend their lives together then men should also start keeping fast for the equal long-life of their wives. What say, guys?

Reasons why men should fast for their wives:

1. For the lovely grin on your wife’s face

reasons why men should fast this karva chauth

Awww! This one is the most genuine reason of all. Men should fast for their wives’ happiness and to see a cute grin on their faces. Simple, straight and clear! Got that?

2. Why should boys have all the fun...

reasons why men should fast this karva chauth

I can really feel the pain of those poor ladies who starve for the whole day of Karva Chauth and rely on their saliva as the only source of water, while on the other hand husbands enjoy their meals and have fun. So boys, now your turn to return the favor to your ladies!

3. Be the next SRK of Dilwale Dulhania Le Jayenge (DDLJ)

reasons why men should fast this karva chauth

Remember Raj aka King Khan, Shah Rukh Khan of DDLJ? Yes, we are talking about our own SRK who observed the tough fast of Karva Chauth for his beloved Simran aka Kajol in the movie and formed the new definition of love.

So, to all men out there, fast like our Raj and be the next SRK of this generation!

4. A perfect way to detox your body, dudes!

reasons why men should fast this karva chauth

Dear men,

If you are trying damn hard to shed extra kilos and to avoid junk food, we have the best way for you to do it. Just one day of Karva Chauth is equal to one detox day and one step ahead to a healthy life. So, time to run and buckle up!

5. No better way to show the love to the love of your life

reasons why men should fast this karva chauth

Observe fast for your lady and see the magic in your life! Umm, that would sound complicated but is a sure-shot way to be more than romantic and add excitement to your monotonous relationship.

6. For Karma factor!

reasons why men should fast this karva chauth

See, simple funda: If you are eating and she’s not, you are just being rude and cruel to her. So, for her and for, of course, Karma, go for the fast and starve away to glory! There’s nothing that a man cannot do, right? So, prove it!

7. You will be the star among all

reasons why men should fast this karva chauth

All your female acquaintances and colleagues would wish to have a darling husband like you after learning the fact that you kept the fast for your wife, how cool it would be? ‘Star of the society’ title goes to only YOU. Already started imagining? Ha-ha! 

Well, it's personal choice for all the men whether to keep the fast or not but all the women would love to see the equal participation and support of their men in this.
Happy Karva Chauth to everyone in ADVANCE!

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