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"It’s complicated" is not just an ambiguous Facebook status these days, it’s a life choice. This infamous sort of relationship is not easily understandable, yet it is very frequently practiced. Complicated status can be clearly defined as being with someone, but not being with them in an actual fully committed relationship. Complicated much? Relationships aren’t always sunshine and rainbows, the clearly defined lines are often blurred. There are a number of reasons why we term our relationship with such odd choice of companionship.

 All relationships are complicated in themselves. There are insecurities, fidelity, and other life problems. Let’s be clear, being in a fully committed relationship to tagging along with someone in a complicated relationship is two different things and two different worlds.

Not sure exactly where your relationship is going? Team ShoutLo has compiled a list of all the signs to clear your status vows. Read on!

relationship status its complicated

I LOVE YOU, But: Wherever there is a “but” in a relationship, there is a problem. Ask yourself why are you doubting your relationship. Is there someone else? Is he or she not invested in the relationship? Do you not prioritize your relationship? If you can't be with someone fully, it is better to let him or her go and start afresh.

relationship status its complicated

Between Just Friends to Boyfriend/Girlfriend: Love me, love me not? There is a clear demarcation between being just friends and tagging each other as boyfriend/girlfriend. Just because you two gel well doesn’t mean you have to name your fondness for each other as a relationship. Be clear in your head about the qualities and attributes you are looking for in your partner. Sustainable relationships will never overpower the exclusivity of being with “the one”. Stop stalling the poor fellow around and uncomplicate your life.

relationship status its complicated

Secrecy: if you are hiding your relationship from your friends and are in a constant denial about the fact that you are even together then now is your time. It’s clear that you two like each other and are somewhat afraid to label the relationship. What are you afraid of? Talk it out. After all, you only get this life once. Man up! 

relationship status its complicated

On and Off Relationship: Is it even a relationship? If you are knee deep in confusion then start with asking yourself two basic questions. Am I honest enough? Is there a communication gap? If the answer to both of the question is a clear yes, then your relationship is simply based on the foundation of lack of understanding and compatibility which causes frequent arguments leading to an on and off relationship setting. Tip: Get over it and move on. 

relationship status its complicated

Keep Each Other from Mingling with Others: The best way to solve any complicated relationship is to talk about it. If jealousy or obsessiveness is taking over then it's time for a reality check. Sit down and talk it out like adults, if you want him or her in your life then act like it. 

relationship status its complicated

Exclusivity: A lot of complicated relationships come down to one thing, commitment. Relationships are scary and the threat of heartbreak often intimidates us and creates complications, but just because one relationship did not work out does not mean a new one won’t. Yet, sometimes we love receiving attention so much that we don’t want it from just one person. It comes down to being honest with yourself and deciding what you want and then communicating that. It is not always simple but the only way to clean up a mess is to get your hands dirty.

relationship status its complicated

• The Back-Up Plan: It is natural to think of a back-up plan in case nothing else materializes or things fall apart. However, leading someone on or using someone as a substitute in any capacity is selfish and dishonest. Feelings eventually get hurt and while the threat of ending up alone is scary it is unfair to yourself or the other person to be a backup or a fallback option.

Got anything to add to this complicated status list? Comment down below.

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