7 Absolutely Ridiculous Yet Unrealistic Things That Indian TV Soaps Have Taught Us

By Karishma Drabla
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Indian TV series – Love them or hate them but you cannot just escape them. Being one of the large segments of mass media, India’s television industry has managed to keep every household engaged with its dramatic plotlines and atrocities.

While there is no limit to describe the absurdity a serial can go to, the serials these days have taken the creativity to completely bizarre level. From male and female protagonists turning into animals to dead people coming to life after many years to a gorilla falling in love with main leads to infidelities that you could not even think in the wildest of your dreams, Hindi soap operas are made up of all.

Take the instance of Sasural Simar Ka series that is aired on Colors channel. In the show, the female lead Simar turns into a fly. I mean, how could the writers of the show go so unrealistic?

Just like this, there are many legendary things which will make you question the existence of common sense in Hindi daily soaps.

Ridiculous things that Indian TV soaps taught us:

1. Sarees and Sherwanis act as night suits for the actors

ridiculous things indian tv soaps have taught us

Look at the female protagonist in any serial, she will be seen dressed in saree paired with jewelry almost all the time even at the time of sleeping. It seems as if they have to attend any marriage in their sleep. 


2. The all-powerful Diya

ridiculous things indian tv soaps have taught us

Almost every show’s female lead is seen taking care of the Diya or lamp as if it is a medium to predict the upcoming bad luck. It’s like if Diya extinguishes then something bad is gonna happen whether to her husband or her family.

3. Daadis live forever young

ridiculous things indian tv soaps have taught us

Remember the immortal Baa from Kyunki Saas Bhi Kabhi Bahu Thi’? Yes, the one who sees her bahu, her bahu’s bahu and her bahu’s bahu’s kids also? Well, it doesn’t end here, the catch is that immortal Daadis look same from the starting to the end of the show.

4. Super rich guy who first fights and then ultimately falls in love with the heroine

ridiculous things indian tv soaps have taught us

How unrealistic or dreamy the daily soaps tend to be! Every show has a filthy-rich guy with an ego problem and super-luxurious life and a humble heroine who has huge dreams in her eyes. Well, there is always hate at first sight but later after so many fights, the lead hero and actress become the so-called lovebirds without any doubt.

5. Punar Janam/ Re-incarnation/ Duplicates

ridiculous things indian tv soaps have taught us

Protagonists die, cremation and all rituals are performed and then suddenly in the next episode their doppelgangers appear only to die so that the original one can become alive yet again. 

WOW! You will have to believe that people just re-appear out of nowhere in the show.

6. Awesomeness is measured by vamps and their make-ups

ridiculous things indian tv soaps have taught us

Remember Komalika, Ramola Sikand and their love for different styles of long bindis? The vamps, their make-up, and ideas to trap the leads includes everything to define the show’s TRPs at its best.

7. Only superhumans in the show

ridiculous things indian tv soaps have taught us

If you have watched daily soaps to the core you will understand what I am trying to say. YES, my friend, to take TRPs to a new level, the writers and creative directors of the series try to execute ridiculously supernatural content possible to them. And for that sake, they even try making protagonist play the roles of Naagin, fly or any other animal or any supernatural spirit.


Sometimes, I feel that stretched Hindi series and more so should be put to an end before they crash our TVs in despair!
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