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Planning to step out for a meal with the family and wracking your brains to find the perfect fit? Well, Rustic Door in Panchkula is a gorgeous cafe cum restaurant that ensures, you and your family have a good time and a great meal. 

rustic door panchkula

Rustic Door has always been a place of comfort for a lot of us, serving drool-worthy dishes, and is also perfect place for date nights or a gossip sesh with the BFF. 

Fine Dine With Family Or Bae

Be it an impromptu afternoon meal or a planned dinner with the family, Rustic Door is ideal and makes dining out with kids enjoyable and are sure to be visited time and time again.

rustic door panchkula

Rustic Door also makes for an ideal date-night place with your BAE too. So, if you are looking at gifting bae the perfect romantic date night, with a gobsmacking dinner to boot, then Rustic Door, might be totally worth it (yes, bookmark this spot for romance 101). 

rustic door panchkula

The restaurant is a combination of a family restaurant and a friendly neighborhood café for people who are looking for both to chill in a leisure setting. The decor is simple yet luxurious, with artistically crafted details. The lighting just adds to the ambiance, making it more soothing and pleasant. 

Have An Awesome Gastronomical Experience

Known for their range of Continental food options and Kebab Platters that will have you drooling, Rustic Door's menu flaunts a wide variety of vegetarian, and non-vegetarian items ranging from wraps to pizzas to pasta. 

rustic door panchkula

If you are craving for some serious and heart-warming comfort food, you can start with Mocha Brownie Shake and conversations. Apart from the Spaghetti pasta, this place should definitely be on the list of any Pizza lover. Usually, when it comes to places serving Pizza, apart from 3-4 prominent places, every other place often lets you down and then there's this place! They serve freshly baked thin-crust pizzas with dough prepared in-house. Their Farmhouse Pizza (for vegetarians) and Chicken Tikka Pizza (for non-vegetarians) will teleport you to seventh heaven. 

rustic door panchkula

For starters, the vegetarians can either go for Falafel with Grilled Pitta or their Fillos Cigar Roll which is what is inching closer to be a crowd favorite. For the meat-eaters, Shawarmas are recommended. Trust me you, Rustic Door is where you should head to if you want to get your tummy filled with Arabian delights such as Shawarma, Seekh kebabs, and Persian delicacies like Koobida Kebab. 

rustic door panchkula

Start off with one of their kebab varieties and you may be tempted to make a meal of the delectable starters. But make sure you leave enough space for their main course. 

rustic door panchkula

In the main course, serving authentic dal makhani with assorted breads or rice, be sure to try this with Kadhai Paneer or Paneer Lababdar (for you vegetarians). The meal will fill your stomach but be sure to try the Non-Veg Kebab Platter to go with it (in case you’re non-veg). The biryanis here truly live up to the hype. 

rustic door panchkula

Unlike many restaurants, the dessert game is strong here, and those of you with a sweet tooth won't have much to complain about. For desserts, you can go for After Ate Chocolate or Banoffee in Jar. In fact, Banoffee in a jar is a Product Originated from Kitchen of Rustic Door which captures the goodness of this dessert in cutesy glass jars. So, dessert lovers, get your spoons ready and dig in! These banoffee jars are perfectly sweet and make for a great option when it comes to post-dinner sweets.

Rustic Door Makes You Feel Secure

Talking about the service, the staff at Rustic Door is super quick and well equipped with facemasks and hand gloves. They are also courteous and explains the dishes to you before you order, so that you know what you will be served. 

rustic door panchkula

Customers' safety is their first and foremost priority, thus, they following all safety measures as per the guidelines and takes full care of proper hygiene and sanitization for a safe and joyous dine-in experience. 

A Place You Will Never Want To Leave

When we think of Rustic Door, we usually imagine a cozy cafe space that oozes familiarity, and they have basically played on the same concept in terms of its space - that easy, laidback restaurant cum cafe. With beige and white hues, soothing lights, and minimal finishes, we are quite impressed with this super classy and rustic theme. When you walk in through the door, you will get blown away by the rustic look of this place!

rustic door panchkula

The walls have huge mirrors of different sizes and shapes, and frames with captions and a world map also. Then, there's hanging cane lamps, traditional glass lamps hanging from the ceiling, and an ensemble of accent chairs and wooden bar chairs that can't help but make you feel instantly comfortable, plus a few sofa seats creating an inviting space to linger over a meal. We love the addition of a huge Rustic Door logo in wrought iron, plus a rustic window frame that just adds to the charm. With mood lighting and aesthetically done interiors, you might end up ordering extra just to spend some more time here. 

Feast Your Eyes and Fill Your Bellies

All-in-all, Rustic Door checks all the boxes if you are craving a hearty meal with family. With an eclectic and relaxed ambiance, excellent service, and food worth coming back for, this one's a personal favorite. The place is pretty enough to lure you in every time you pass by. And, we would suggest you to plan your dinner scenes there soon.

rustic door panchkula
Whether it’s family or friends you’re heading out with or someone special you need to impress, bookmark this list.

Disclaimer: Please make sure that while you do head out for a good time with your family or friends, wear your masks and maintain social distancing. Stay safe! 

Rajhans Cinema Rd, Sector 5, Panchkula, Haryana 134104
Rustic Door Address
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