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Ever pondered what this world would be without Doctors? And after that, what might Doctors do if there were no Technicians or Paramedical Professionals or Allied Health Professionals?

The reports that we get through the high-tech equipment is worthy because we have skilled Technicians out there.

These types of equipment besides being expensive (worth in crores) are not everybody’s cup of tea. Only a highly skilled professional can work on them. Along with the bigwig doctors, the Technicians are the persons that Doctor rely on because they are not trained to operate them.

For all those dedicated students who are planning/opting for this profession, we’ve obtained a good place for you. The pioneer institute that outscores other paramedical institutes is the Sanjeevni Institute of Paramedical Sciences.

Sanjeevni Institute of Paramedical Sciences

dedicated to hope healing and recovery the sanjeevni institute of paramedical sciences

The indispensable part that holds the establishment of your career is the organization you pick. I know, there are such a significant number of institutes out there and it is a tedious task to zero down the ideal alternative. Let me reveal to you a tad about the ride. Sanjeevni Institute of Paramedical Sciences has every one of the offices that build up it as a well-suited Institute. It is dedicated to students, medical fields, and placements.

Running in its 10th year, the college has achieved excellent milestones.  The state of the art training centres in Chandigarh cater to the needs of the medical profession. It not only helps the students in gaining practical knowledge but also prepares them to face the day-to-day challenges patiently. 

It offers diploma courses which are a 2-year course. This includes 18 months of campus study and 6 months training.  The diploma courses that are offered are-

*Diploma In Radiology Imaging & Technology
*Diploma In Dialysis
*Diploma In Lab Technician
*Diploma In Physiotherapy

Eligibility Criteria: Any aspirant who has passed 10+2 in any stream (Medical, Non-medical or even Arts) or equivalent exam from any recognized board is eligible to pursue paramedical diploma course from Sanjeevni Institue

Other Amenities

dedicated to hope healing and recovery the sanjeevni institute of paramedical sciences

Before we move ahead, one question to you guys. What do we look for in an Institute?


Yes, these are same old things yet when you have all their modernized versions, then the learning becomes thrilling.

Sanjeevni Institute has the world-class infrastructure. It is the only institute which bears its own equipment like MRIs, CT Scans, Gamma Camera, Dexa & Mammography for practical training of its students. They are the only institute that provides practical training on high-tech machinery.

The Campus is spread over 4 acres with the separate hostel for boys and girls. Equipped with highly trained faculty it attracts students from foreign countries as well. Since the Institute is situated outside the city away from the distractions of the city, Institue provides bus facility is also available from Chandigarh

It provides an environment that helps in personality development and the enhancement of the soft skills of the future Technicians in the making. 

With over 500+ students placed, this institute has 100% job assurance in Radiology field. With the correct vision and mission, Sanjeevni Institute is most sought after institute for hirings mainly in the hospitals, clinics, nursing homes and diagnostic centres.

Why pick Paramedical Profession?

dedicated to hope healing and recovery the sanjeevni institute of paramedical sciences

The answer is crystal clear. The Technicians work intimately with the patients and doctors and furnish them with treatment and support.  They are hole fillers amongst you and your specialist.

The profession is advancing day by day owing to the technological advancements and its global recognition. The demand for medical equipment worldwide has increased significantly. Which in turn has elevated the demand for the Technicians working on the same. USA, Singapore, Scandavanian countries, Europe, Germany etc. are few of the countries where the opportunities for the Paramedical professionals are in high demand. The apparatus costing in crores is utilitarian just when profoundly talented Technicians work on them. 

Even if your dream of obtaining the MBBS degree is not fulfilled, you can, in any case, be in the character and send all administrations like a Doctor. The activity of a Technician rotates both around technology and human life. Their ability to remain in parallel with both of the universes is exemplary.

Sanjeevni Institute of Paramedical Courses
Campus: VPO Garhi, Tehsil Raipur Rani, Distt. Panchkula, Haryana
Regd. Office: 907, Industrial Area Phase 2, Chandigarh
Tel: 01734 256693
Mob: 08146223344, 09988883007

A commitment to the community… A commitment to care….
Campus - VPO Garhi, Tehsil Raipurrani, District Panchkula, Panchkula, Haryana 134109
Sanjeevni Institute Of Paramedical Sciences Panchkula Address
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