Spoor Of Cultural Soul- SARAS MELA In Ludhiana- Chal Mele Nu Challiye

By Muskaan Nagrath
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The lyrics of the song" Chal Mele Nu Challiye" have always fascinated me to be a Village girl and enjoy the Punjabi Mela the way they have been filmed in Punjabi movies… 

saras mela in ludhiana 2017

While I was driving past PAU (Punjab Agricultural University, Ludhiana) and enjoying my songs, my ears rather went out to the dhol nagade sounds played somewhere around. And there was …. PAU the Asia’s biggest agricultural university was brimming with lights and dazzled with radiance. The tall lights flashed and brought about the liveliness of the Punjabi culture like never before. 

saras mela in ludhiana 2017

If you somehow don't believe me, I bet once you are here…you’ll keep returning here and wanting more because the true essence of fair (lemme correct you- Mela) is what you will experience here. 

I’m sure many of you might not be aware of this fair in your town. And so here I am ready to paint this Mela in front of you. 

What exactly is SARAS Mela? 

saras mela in ludhiana 2017

Unlikely the sophisticated fairs or carnivals that we usually prefer, this mela primarily focusses on rural India and its development. Saras mela Ludhiana here the SARAS stands for- The Sale of Articles of Rural Artisans Society wherein artists and craftsman from all over India gather here and showcase their artistry. 

Date- 5th October- 16th October

Venue- Mela Ground, Punjab Agricultural University, Ludhiana

Entry Fees- ₹10

This Mela specifically makes way for rural people (who otherwise cannot afford the BIG FAT EXHIBITIONS) to earn recognition for their skills. Such platforms act as part on their back which in turn boost their confidence. 

Why should you be here? 

saras mela in ludhiana 2017

The Punjabi look of this fair will cheer you up, the sparkling stalls and various other cultural performances will leave you spellbound. 

Lemme map out few things 

saras mela in ludhiana 2017

- Diwali shopping ( in case you want to add touch of ethnicity ) 

saras mela in ludhiana 2017

- Handmade Products (those pots and wooden, artefacts..) 

saras mela in ludhiana 2017

- Jute, Bamboo and Wooden Items (furniture, table tops, jute lamps, pen case...)

saras mela in ludhiana 2017

- Punjabi, Rajasthan, Gujarat, Maharashtra, South Indian and Chinese food 

That’s it …. Naah!! They have got moooore…..

 The fair will keep you busy with other traditional folk programs like

- Assam’s Bihu (if you haven’t been to North East… this is a must watch) 

- Jharkhand's Purulia Chhau (Indian tribal martial dance- sounds interesting) 

- Puppetry ( told y’all- The old times animated film…) 

- Haryana Been Jogi Group- (dance to the sound of BEEN) 

saras mela in ludhiana 2017

And many more… You’ve got to visit to unravel more. Wait a minute… does it seem boring? Am I dragging you? Not really... because the most fascinated part is yet to be unleashed…. Yeah!!! 

They have got the famous Punjabi singers performing live there…Tada… Sorry for keeping you wait but this 12 days long fair knows how to keep its patrons engaged and be an apple of their eyes. 

The Punjabi singers will be present as follows- 

saras mela in ludhiana 2017

- The Audi vs Kadha fame Randhawa Brothers live on 07.10.17 

- Voice of Kabaddi Players- Sukhwinder Sukhi live on 09.10.17 

- The Mastana Jogi- Kanwar Grewal live on 10.10.17 

- Yaari Chandigarh waliye ne krate Ranjit Bawa de hatth khade on 11.10.17 

- Clan of Wadali Brothers- Zorawat Wadali live on 13.10.17 

The Long Hek queen- Gurmeet Bawa live on 14.10.17 

 A Message …. 

Last but not the least, this Mela is incomplete if it goes without a message. A message being spread for the empowerment of women- The Beti Bachao and Beti Padhao social campaign which aims at creating awareness and works diligently to improve the status of women in India. 

saras mela in ludhiana 2017

 And to promote this, the fair authorities have invited all those women for the entire week to felicitate and honor them for their deeds and efforts for working towards the betterment of society or making a difference. 

Safe and sound environment… 

 Nevertheless, the security and safety of the patrons have been taken care of by installing CCTV cameras and deploying security guards ( within the fair) and Police guards ( outside the fair) to assure the spectators enjoy the larger than life fair. 

For once just feel India being painted in front of you. Get yourself rooted to the old times, live the yaar annmule days (in case you missing your university days especially PU) and have a whale of a time. 

saras mela in ludhiana 2017
Ho raunak hoju ghatt ve 
Chal mele nu challiye….  
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