Best Of Asian Delicacies & Sushi In Chandigarh At Newly Opened Shichang - The Asian Restaurant At Hyatt

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Hello Chandigarhians!! By now, you probably have heard of Shichang. And if you haven’t, then it’s not too late... yet. Hyatt Regency Chandigarh brings to you - Shichang the newly opened in-house Asian restaurant serving authentic Asian delicacies and best sushi in Chandigarh along with grills, pho, noodles, dimsums, satay and more. Their well-curated menu, quirky theme, and beautiful decor is sure to teleport you to Asian streets. 

Away From Flibberty Jib Experience The World At Its Best

shichang hyatt regency serving best sushi in chandigarh

It is the experience majorly that entices customers to visit the place all over again, leaving no stone unturned with impeccable hospitality skills. If a restaurant serving authentic cuisine has visuals backed by the art to present a palatable wonder with notched up skills, the experience gained is one of immense gratification. Hyatt Regency is one such brand that believes in establishing a connect between food, ambience, novelty and patrician experience constantly to build a loyal customer base- the reason ‘Hyatt’ is the most preferred destination earning titles worth every milestone achieved so far.

Most Favoured Destination For Everything Grand

shichang hyatt regency serving best sushi in chandigarh

Housing key multi-national companies and diplomatic missions, Hyatt is the grandeur of everything exquisite and explicit. The place is without any doubt most preferred when it comes to elaborated events and gatherings. At Hyatt, it is a gastronomical ride of savory, both seasonal and regional. From signature Italian Restaurant-‘Piccante’ to ‘Urban Cafe’ and ‘Browse’, the culinary norms and traditions are well taken care of, thus, ‘serving the best, from the best to the best on plates’. 

Indulge & Let Lose Your Senses At Shichang- The Asian Market, Hyatt

shichang hyatt regency serving best sushi in chandigarh

Shichang-the Asian Market at Hyatt is the next favorite stop for the residents. Drawing inspiration from the culinary preferences of the people across the globe, this epitome of nosh offers cuisines cooked on traditionally designed clay pots, sizzling woks, and grills. Asians enjoy food like nobody, the drool-worthy food and Insta-worthy places make a perfect combination to satiate the cravings in the best way possible. Hyatt Regency Chandigarh offers everything under one roof to the residents. ‘Shichang-the Asian market’ at Hyatt offers the best Asian delicacies, including delicious wonders from Japan on the menu which has recently gained popularity and is now the favorite stop to relish the best Sushi in town.

Relish The Delish & Indulge In the Lipids

shichang hyatt regency serving best sushi in chandigarh

Using the world-class ingredients to skilfully curate the sapid menu, keeping in mind the aristocratic milieu and their tastes, ‘Shichang-The Asian Market’ offers Chinese, Malay, Thai and Japanese cuisine. Appetizers like crispy lotus stem mountain chili, silken tofu with lime and basil sauce, Chongqing chili chicken are worth drooling. 

shichang hyatt regency serving best sushi in chandigarh

The place is popular for a variety of best Sushi in Chandigarh. It has on the card like ‘Yasai Maki’ ingrained with avocado, dicon and chive; ‘Asparagus Uramaki Tempura’ with Japanese Mayonnaise and ‘Spicy Tuna Maki with Nori’. There are ‘wok Specials’ on the cards to surprise with ‘Bok Choy’, ‘Salmon Yak Yak Chaki’ and ‘Shiitake Mushroom’. The relishing and quirky dishes capture the essence of the place in true sense-just like ‘magic sprinkled with every dash’. 

shichang hyatt regency serving best sushi in chandigarh

The desserts are even more enticing, the idea as to how it could have been conceptualized amazes and tasting them is a real treat for the senses. Honey Noodles Ice-cream, Fried Ice-cream, the names are enough to let one think of all the possible connotations.

Exultantly Elite & Class Apart

shichang hyatt regency serving best sushi in chandigarh

The ambiance is equally archaic and patrician in approach, The upmarket strategy has elevated the novelty of the brand to a completely new level. The flexible market conditions are in sync with the ultimate goal of the brand, every person in the staff is well versed in their dealings. The executive chef, Karan Thakur has thoughtfully devised the menu at Shichang whereas according to the General Manager Nikhil Gandhi, it was the immense pleasure to bring food from Asian streets to Chandigarh with a unique market-style experience. 

So, head over to ‘Shichang-The Asian Market’ at Hyatt to relish the best sushi in Chandigarh and experience the world of its kind.
178 Industrial and Business Park, Industrial Area Phase I, Chandigarh, 160002
Hyatt Regency Address
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