Things That Mark The Beautiful Shimla To Be The Queen Of Hills

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The former summer capital of British, The beautiful hill station and the capital city of Himachal Pradesh, Shimla is undeniably one of the most beautiful places to visit in India. Wrapped in the dense forests of oak and pine trees, this place is known for its scenic beauty that hardly any other places can try to surpass it.

The magical hill station, endowing the enchanting beauty and situated in the middle ranges of mountains, is often referred to as the ‘Queen of Hill Stations’ and how! This long list of things is sure to justify Shimla as the real Queen of hills. Check out for yourself.

Draped in the midst of Himalayan Mountains

things that mark the beautiful shimla to be the queen of hills

Nestled in the north-western Himalayas, based at an average altitude of 2200m, framed among the snow-covered peaks and surrounded by thick forests of oak and cedars, Shimla is truly travelers’ paradise for all those who always love and wish to experience heavenly feeling even without spending dime and paying visit to foreign countries in search of that. The snow-drawn ranges add to the charm of Shimla and henceforth, it is popularly known as Queen of Hills.

Beautiful sunsets, Long-moon nights and pleasant summers

things that mark the beautiful shimla to be the queen of hills

Without a second thought, Shimla is a visual delight to all its viewers and tourists. You know what the best part of this beautiful hill station is? Well, it is its temperature that allows all the people to experience snowy winters and pleasant summers, allowing viewing Shimla as frost glistening sparkling yet silent city. Also, in spring the blooming flowers and their sweet aroma fill the happiness and liveliness all around throwing in a stunning atmosphere for everyone.

Captivating landscapes, spectacular scenic attractions & eccentric grandeur

things that mark the beautiful shimla to be the queen of hills

You’d probably visited many hill stations in India but Shimla is more than what you have always been experiencing. The charming natural beauty of Shimla engages everyone for all the right reasons. The absolute winner of the city is snowy peaks that attract spirited skiers to get lost in their wanderlust and feel free like a happy bird. Just imagine yourself de-stressing and doing yoga facing the light rays of the rising sun, how would you feel? I know, outta the world, right!

Perfect Blend of Himalayan Heritage and Colonial Era

things that mark the beautiful shimla to be the queen of hills

Where on one hand, Shimla is reckoned as the shimmering capital of Himachal Pradesh, on the other, the essence of 19th Century’s colonial era and neo-gothic culture oozes out like nothing else. Of course, the eternal charm of this place could be just felt by uttering just the city name. So, it could be easily said that Shimla is more than mere Raj memorabilia.

Shimla- A Popular Holiday Fantasy

things that mark the beautiful shimla to be the queen of hills

Just by strolling down the famous Mall Road of Shimla, one could easily get how Shimla tends to be the favorite honeymoon destination for the newly hitched couples and one of the perfect holiday places that anyone can opt as summertime escape, far away from the hustle bustle of daily lives. The refreshing mornings and view are sure to take your hearts away.

Adventure and Shimla go hand in hand

things that mark the beautiful shimla to be the queen of hills

There is almost no such place or itinerary in Shimla that detaches itself from the adventure or adrenaline pumping experienced by its all visitors effortlessly. Whether it’s trekking, camping, natural ice-skating rink or visiting surreal apple orchards, Kufri, and summer hill, Shimla does justice with all its tourists. And all this could be spotted mixed with landscape and the touch of natural beauty.

Indeed, the city has everything.

things that mark the beautiful shimla to be the queen of hills

Being one of the favored hill stations, it won’t be wrong to claim that Shimla has certainly seen everything. Just 2 hours drive from Chandigarh and a 6-hour drive from New Delhi, this city is within the easy reach of every energetic youth. It won’t come as a surprise if Shimla gets the title of ‘Fairyland: Peace and beauty all around’. Due to significant appeal, the city never fails to please and amuse all those who keep their foot on the land of the Shimla.

Feel the tranquillity in the air of Shimla and make sure to visit the place at least once!
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