If She Shows Any Combination Of These Clingy Things, She’s Definitely Into You

By Karishma Drabla
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It is difficult for a woman to define her feelings in language which is chiefly made by men to express theirs’ – Thomas Hardy

Well, that’s truly given! But why is it so? I mean, why women are seen as the most complicated being in the universe? Just because women’s so-called emotional reactions baffle men forever and they have their own mysterious way of displaying their emotions, men find it almost impossible to understand what a woman feels for them or wants from them.

But Oh, Boy! Is that so tough to decide whether she wants to be just friends or more than that? Well, yes it is! Hence, we have summed up those signs that a girl might leave for a guy to help him crack that she’s definitely into him.

So, check out for these clingy signs; if she does any or all of them, she’s your forever person, trust me!

1. Relationship label

signs she is definitely into you

If she asks for a relationship tag, go for her. She is interested in you and she likes you so much that she wants to get committed to you forever while having an official label for it. Don’t think that she wants a tag because she is insecure or needy or desperate but because she wants to be with you forever.

2. Texting all the way

signs she is definitely into you

It is okay if you both text each other mutually but if you observe your girl to initiate the conversation almost every time and not only first text but if she sends double-text too then it only means that she is trying every means to stay in touch with you.

3. She likes to show up everywhere you go

signs she is definitely into you

Yes, she wants you to be all around her and your presence is what makes her happy the most. But that doesn’t mean she is trying to interfere in your life or does not understand the importance of personal space. It only means that she wants to be a part of every moment coming your way.

4. Future planning

signs she is definitely into you

I suppose many guys feel odd when girls overtly talk about the future. But if your gal actually wants to be your life mate then she would certainly find ways to let you know about the future plans she had created in her mind. So, take the discussions regarding about future as a good sign.

5. Her Hands on you

signs she is definitely into you

This only means that she loves being close to you both physically and mentally. She loves feeling your skin and for her, this works as a reminder of having someone whom she trusts a lot. Well, being closely connected is a vital key to having a long-lasting relationship.

6. Gets upset in your absence

signs she is definitely into you

If she gets mad or upset over little things or when you don’t treat her the way she wants to be treated or when you don’t respond showing the minimum level of politeness then it is just because she cares about you so much. Your every small thing affects her and this is clear indication that she thinks her life to be linked to yours close enough.

7. J factor

signs she is definitely into you

Jealousy is a natural feeling that partners experience while being in a relationship. And NO, she doesn’t get jealous when she sees you talking to another girl but yes, she surely gets angry when you try flirting with another person and pretend as if you are single. In that case, her care takes the form of jealousy.

8. She tells you over and again about her feelings

signs she is definitely into you

If she likes to tell about her feelings for you then she is surely ready to be your forever person. Instead of being shy, she tends to be brave enough to unveil her emotions. It is very hard for a girl to express her liking but if she does not leave a single chance to tell how much she adores you then do not let her go. Without a second thought, she is the one for you.

So, you can cross-check with these signs and let us know whether or not your girl does these things!
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