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By Muskaan Nagrath
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Does working at home boring at times? The same office, the same faces… Uhhhh… I need a break…? Gosh… I can’t work here anymore…  

space jam coworking space chandigarh

If that’s what makes Jack a dull boy, then you are in an urgent need to revamp your office area and bring forth your workmanship. Let me correct you, I’m not talking about renovation or re-designing your workplace but introducing you to this newbie in the town and get going to this amazingly awesome co-working space which would seduce you to fine-tune your own workspace.

Come, let’s get the things rolling and familiarize with this new space - The Space Jam Co-working.

space jam coworking space chandigarh

The newbie in the town 

Space Jam is not just a coworking space, it is a creative work studio which lets you in and makes you feel-at-home in an office-like-environment. Unlike the traditional office systems, this space would allow you to choose your area, choose your timing (start the work at any minute of the day and for endless hours…provided you have that stamina to work endlessly). 

Check out more about this space at Spacejam.

space jam coworking space chandigarh

Let me interrupt you before you go nuts on what am I talking about. Here’s the answer to your question. 

What is a Coworking Space? 

Brad Neuberg (credited with starting the coworking movement in San Francisco in 2005) invented the word “coworking” without the hyphen.

Coworking means working in vogue. The difference lies in the fact that irrespective of one’s profession, people work in a shared working environment, often as a team or individual activity. 

space jam coworking space chandigarh

In simple words, an office implying your terms. It is an alternative to your work at home or an office with different scenery.

It is how you want to when you want and where you want to work.

It’s Habitat

Space Jam finds its place in a very prominent sector - Sector 34 A. It is located near two major Landmarks- JW Marriott and the Mukat Hospital. 

space jam coworking space chandigarh

Drive past the Piccadily Chownk towards Dakshin Marg and then at Junction 35, take a U-turn and enter the side lane. Head straight to the adjacent building to Mukat Hospital and find your coolest niche. Drop in the arena to move and shake and rock-n-roll. 

The inhabitants 

The co-working space is put to good use for largely the freelancing community and solopreneurs. Being the largest co-working space in the town (a floor already occupied and launching three more soon), it offers a plethora of options to indulge into. 

space jam coworking space chandigarh

If you are a freelancer and looking for place that allows free flow of thoughts; if you are in search of flexible workspace that allows you to move in and out at your own discretion; if you want to focus on a project away from office politics; if you want to build connections then my dear friend your quest for all these is over. Space Jam is mine next favorite place. At least now I can proudly say “office ja rahi hu” Wink….. 

Why Space Jam 

Cmon, do I still need to tell you? Of course yes, because you can’t even imagine what surprises it holds for you. Allow me to brief you with its offerings-

- Flexible desk (sit anywhere you want to)

- Private desk (Oops-a serious project)

- Meeting room ( you need one)

- Beverages (definitely... Duhh... can’t starve )

- Roof Top shacks (What more to ask ….view the beautiful city from height)

- Events (can’t wait to enjoy the office get-together )

- Smoking Balcony (in case you need to stress out)

- High-Speed Internet (Phew ! finally sigh of relief)

- Tech-Support (for nerds like me who don’t understand what happens to this laptop suddenly)

- 24*7 Open (Yippi…. No more punching machines and those eyes of boss) 

space jam coworking space chandigarh

Hahaha.. Enough of briefing and now moving onto serious talks. 

The Renting Policy 

1. Flexible Desk- One Person - INR 5499/month 

2. Fixed Desk- One Person - INR 6999/month 

3. Cabin For 2- Two Person*- INR 14,499/month 

4. Cabin For 4- Four Person*- INR 28,999/month

 5. One day pass- One Person- INR 799/day 

 (*Extra person can be added for a charge) 

Quite an inexpensive space… Fits in everybody’s wallet… Isn’t it? What do you think…. 

Why stalk this place… 

space jam coworking space chandigarh

You want more inputs from your side 

You want energetic and lively workstations 

You want comfortable office furniture 

You want to build networks and connections 

You want an Office-feel since you tired of distractions at home 


The impeccable design, drop down lights and smell of freedom make you feel like you working at the coolest and newest office of the world (I once wished to work at Google…. I hope you know the work culture is simply beyond words) 

See you at

SCO 50-51 3rd Floor (Adjacent Mukat Hospital) Sector 34 A Chandigarh 

Call: 98888 82227, 9988688658, 0172-4733347

space jam coworking space chandigarh
Make this your head(at)quarters and let others feel jealous about your success and style of work…  
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