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Chandigarhians, Starbucks Chandigarh Is Where You Should Get Your Caffeine Kick From

Chandigarhians, Starbucks Chandigarh Is Where You Should Get Your Caffeine Kick From

If you ask me, I will say it is coffee that runs the world. And we all are ever so dependent on coffee that any new coffee shop in Chandigarh, be it hipster or a chain, we will queue up to get us a nice cup of joe. But this time, I am feeling so very happy for all Chandigarh folks because now we don’t have to head to any other city to get our Cafe Mocha tall or a venti cup of Americano. 

Starbucks Chandigarh Is Brewing

Picture this: After a long and tiring day, a place that smells of coffee as soon as you enter, with flavors to boggle the mind. Easy to picture but hard to find such a place? But fret not, 'cause while thinking of all this, we get an image of Starbucks Chandigarh - a coffee shop in Elante Mall that boasts of enough caffeine to keep you running the entire day. We’re not kidding. One sip of their brews is enough to add that silly grin to your face as you.

starbucks chandigarh

Even if you are looking for a place where you can simply unwind by yourself with your favorite cuppa and book, or hang around with your squad and catch up on good old times, then Starbucks Elante Mall is the place for you! 

Coffee-Lovers, We've Got News! 

Let’s face it — Chandigarh had been needing a good coffee shop for the longest time. A cafe which is all about great coffee, good conversations and where you can relax and even work out of. If you agree with us, then you will know which coffee shop we are talking about. Yes, we all coffee lovers desperately needed Starbucks in Chandigarh, and now, here we are! No need to trudge all the way to any other city to sip our favorite coffee because Starbucks have now made their mark in Chandigarh too! 

starbucks chandigarh

You know what that means, right? It’s time for freshly brewed Java Chip and Cocoa Cappuccino to make mornings bright and caffeinated. Now, the only thing we are hoping is that soon start their coffee delivery service in Chandigarh.

Get Your Caffeine Kick

Using freshly roasted coffee beans, Starbucks serves all varieties of coffee here. There’s not one but two coffee menu – one for cold brews and one for hot brews. Expect your regular freshly brewed coffee, French press, espresso shots, cold coffee, hot chocolate and more. 

starbucks chandigarh

Their hot brews consist of the usuals – lattes, hot mocha, cappuccino, and Americano, but they also have some interesting options like the vanilla latte, hazelnut latte, and caramel praline latte. They also let you create your own coffee, the way you like it.

starbucks chandigarh

Their cold brews is what gets our heart racing, with favorites like chocolate mocha, caramel java chip, cold brew black or even the vanilla sweet cream cold brew. A section in the menu is dedicated to coffee-free beverages, where one can take their pick from the double chocolate chip, caramel cream, vanilla cream, and strawberries and creme. Another unique flavor you shouldn’t miss out on is green tea cream.

starbucks chandigarh

Everything in terms of experience is going to be similar to what you get at any other Starbucks outlet. They will also have stock of roasted coffee packets and Starbucks merchandise at the outlet for sale. Buy them, brew them and have them.

All-New Starbucks In Elante Mall

Since most of us, don’t settle for our office coffee, Starbucks Elante is a quick and much easier option to grab a cuppa before work mode hits us and get our caffeine fix. 

Location: Shop No. 50, Ground Floor, Courtyard Cafe, Elante Mall, Industrial Area Phase I, Chandigarh

starbucks chandigarh

Along with their signature brews and delectable sandwiches, Starbucks at Elante Mall is also going to be a hangout spot for the peeps of the city.

We could not be happier with Starbucks as this was the coffee fix we Chandigarhians needed and wanted.

Elante Mall, Industrial Area Phase I, Chandigarh, 160002
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