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Start Binge-Watching the trending web series

Start Binge-Watching the trending web series

There are so many great things happening in the wonderful world of web series, and these five shows are a great place to start. Yes! Just when you thought you are done with the long, sobby and clichéd fiction dailies, saas-bahu dramas, reality shows and sitcoms, web series finally hit their stride. Thanks to the advent of the internet, contemporary stories, and fresh faces, web series have continued to gain in popularity and notoriety over the subsequent years. In short, the Internet is now good for more than cat Instagrams and condescending Kejriwal memes. You can now binge-watch amazing series that have raised awareness and respect for the genre. To help you out, here are our picks for the top five must-see web series (interesting and short enough). Watch and enjoy!


start binge watching the trending web series

Tired of the corporate life? Struggling with the drudgery of 9 to 5? Wish to quit your job to become an entrepreneur? Pitchers is definitely a must watch relatable series for this generation. The story of four friends who quit their jobs(not as easy as it sounds), as they grapple with establishing their own business. The series is about rediscovering what the young entrepreneurs really want in their life, their trials, tribulations and the challenges in getting their start-up idea off the ground.

Permanent Roommates

start binge watching the trending web series

What It's really like to move in with your long-distance love? This web series revolves around a young couple who after being in a long distance relationship for three years, starts living together and eventually end up facing the prospect of marriage. It is a very entertaining and relatable series with the spot-on comic timing perfectly meshed with the right dose of emotions.


start binge watching the trending web series

Want to get through college with some interesting work experience, great stories, and a little extra cash? This ambitious comedy web series is surely for you! It chronicles the misadventures of three odd-ball university flatmates who smokes, light up doobies and tries to figure out a business of midnight food delivery service which could help them make some cash but invariably manages to land themselves into chaotic situations all the time.

Girl in the city

start binge watching the trending web series

Started an exciting journey in a new city? Kickstarting new dream job? New roommates? New adventures? This series will make you realize it’s all worth it but "Pride and courage should not be compromised". This series follows the journey of a 21-year-old small-town girl who moves to the city of dreams Mumbai to kickstart her dream job. But life takes an ugly turn and everything she had dreamed of is at stake. The show features everyday struggle and hustle-bustle which people from other towns usually face when they come to a big city for work.

Ladies Room

start binge watching the trending web series

Ever wondered why women go to the loo in groups? If you are curious to know, watch this web series shot entirely in six different ladies room. It is a story of two women friends without falling into the cliches of divine sisterhood, scoring grass and men, talking real and standing by each other. Trying to survive one disaster after another in their lives, they somehow always find themselves in the most incredible of situations in the most improbable of spaces, the washroom!

You have to be living under a rock to have not seen these series yet! Start Binge-Watching Immediately!


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