Superstitions Are Habits Rather Than Beliefs!

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Superstitions are habits rather than beliefs!

Superstitions are habits rather than beliefs!

Superstitions live on because they have been passed on from generation to generation. Many superstitions stem from mythology and some even from old traditions, where omens were common. As a kid, I always feared black cats and I often pleaded guilty to altering my path or turning my back when I saw a cat in the distance. The superstition is an old one and has managed to keep its strength over the years. But as I matured, many of those superstitions stopped bothering me, but I still tend to knock on wood to un-jinx myself.

While some don't believe in them, rather they believe that superstitions can be broken. So should we dismiss them as outright nonsense? Or should we observe them because there is “nothing to lose” in doing so? The motivation behind these cultural prohibitions is always good, but superstitions usually defy conventional logic. In today's world where direct evidence and facts outweigh superstitious beliefs, there are probably very few people who can categorically deny that they do not at least secretly harbor a slight belief in one or two superstitions.

Here, are 13 of the most common superstitions for you to observe, dismiss or ponder over.

A Black Cat crossing your way! Okay, we agree cats have a tendency to freak people right out but how can this cute-little-fluffy animal bring misfortune?

Don't walk under that ladder! Of course, who wants to be responsible for stumbling and knocking a carpenter off his perch?

If someone calls you when you are leaving the house, the work you are going to perform won’t just happen. Like really? How could anyone calling us from behind prevent us from completing the job we are assigned to perform?

The Number 13 is evil and brings bad luck! Oh so that is the reason so many hotels, office and apartment buildings do not have or recognize 13th floor.

Don't go for a haircut on Tuesday! But why?? Every saloon provides a special discount on Tuesdays only.

Hang some lemon and chilies outside the door of your home and office! Now, what would lemon and chilies on the door do?

Don't enter the temple if you are on your periods! That is because a woman when she is menstruating is so pure and is worshiped. She is a living Goddess at that time. The energy of the Goddess which is there in the idol (murthi) will move over to her, and the idol becomes lifeless, while the menstruating woman is life.

Invite fights with a broken mirror! In case someone gets hurt with those broken pieces of mirror, you are surely getting into a fight.

Clipping your nails at night! This superstition was logical at the times when there was no electricity and people used only knives to trim their nails.

Don't pass the salt! You can pass pepper, that's fine, but you never, ever pass the salt. But as per the passing etiquette always pass salt and pepper together.

If you are going out and someone sneezes, that is said to be a bad omen! No, that means the person has viral, get them some pills.

Having sugar before an assignment can make you fortuitous! Yes, it can because sugar provides instant energy and reduces fatigue. You can focus on your assignment without feeling tired or hungry.

Opening an umbrella indoors! It's because you will poke someone's eye out.


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