Relish The Sizzling Thalis In Ludhiana Under 300 Bucks

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Platter or “Thali” (Indian name) is a chronicled method for serving food. Its foundations go back to ancient times when the Maharaja’s or Rulers’ were served dishes in a huge “thaal”. 

thalis in ludhiana under 300

This reminds me of the Jodha-Akbar movie, where Jodha (Aishwarya Rai Bachchan) pleased Akbar (Hrithik Roshan) with her culinary skills and served a full meal in a beautifully crafted gold thaal. The visual not only tantalize your taste buds but also makes you yearn to get served likewise. 

To let you enjoy this style of plating wherein you get all the real components of food viz- Sweet, Bitter, Sour, Salt, Spicy and Astringent on one plate, the accompanying spots spring as the main priority. 

Let’s get started and chase the spots that serve Veg thalis and Non-Veg thalis in Ludhiana- 


thalis in ludhiana under 300

Special Thali, Executive Thali or Mini Thali… You choose while I have officially recorded this place as the hotspot for any feast. Pure vegetarian in its nature, it never fails to elate you or your taste buds. A multi-cuisine restaurant, Gopal’s Ludhiana is the eleventh outlet of the chain and is a standout amongst the most looked after joints for a full tummy-yummy experience. 

Address- 1E, Malher Cinema Road, E-Block, Sarabha Nagar, Ludhiana 
Cost- ₹ 160- ₹210 

Sagar Ratna 

thalis in ludhiana under 300

Sagar Ratna has served Ludhianvis the bona fide South Indian food since ages. I still remember the Italian marble stairs and the wonderfully carved wooden railings were a most loved spot for getting clicked. And I guess it still holds that charm. They have got fixed Thali with Poori, Rice, Sambhar, and vegetables. In real terms the best Thali you can glut on in the town. 

Address- Hotel Maharaja Regency, Aarti Chowk, Ferozepur Road, Gurdev Nagar, Ludhiana 
Cost- ₹ 250 

Rishi Dhaba Since 1985 

thalis in ludhiana under 300

A notable place for its signature Dal Makhani and Malai Methi, it provides veg thali as well and that too at favorable rates. The Thali has all the components essential for a full meal. Keep in mind to experiment with their Lassi as it's the best around the local area. Be prepared to get served immediately. 

Address- Gill Chownk, Link road, Campa Cola Chowk, Industrial Area, Ludhiana 
Cost- ₹ 150 

Om Vegetarian Dhaba: The restaurant 

thalis in ludhiana under 300

Om Vegetarian is the primary eatery that offers a valet parking facility as well. Envision such Dhabas, which are also customizing themselves and changing according to the present scenario to serve its patrons the best of the food, service, and quality. Indeed, a splendid place to get the best of both the world. 

Address- Near Hero Bakery, Malhar Road, Ludhiana 
Cost- ₹ 180 

Basant Feroze Gandhi Market 

thalis in ludhiana under 300

Feroze Gandhi market is the most happening business street of the town. From banks to designer boutiques to coffee shops you get everything here. And when it comes to eating dal roti, Basant restaurant is at your disposal folks. Get free home delivery and incredible discounts on food as well as the packed food. 

Address- Feroze Gandhi Market, Ludhiana 
Cost- ₹ 180 

Chicken Plaza 

thalis in ludhiana under 300

Lastly, next to the line is the most established Non-vegetarian restaurant- Chicken Plaza. The only place where you get both veg as well as non-veg Thali under one ceiling. The most economical of all, this place is worth trying. At least once come and grab your Thali because this place is known for its value for money and comparatively big portion size. 

Address- Yes Bank Road, Opposite Red Light, Gate 3, PAU, Ludhiana 
Cost- ₹ 140 

Relish the exciting flavours on one plate for a tummy-yummy experience  
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