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Okay… That sounds something new… Even I was curious to read about it and then frame this article. I’m sure the title would tempt anyone with eyes and curiosity. Firstly, it’s a Story (Since childhood we all love stories…) and secondly, it is related to Food (We all love this subject… Bamm….)

the midpoint cafe chandigarh

Moving ahead, The Biryani Story really has a storyline. And for that, sit back… Sip tea/coffee or whatever you like.. Cause I’m munching on chips (I wish I had biryani… Nevermind)

The story goes like this….

The Biryani Story

The Mughal dish, Biryani, traveled all the way from Persia to South Asia with the aroma and flavors that mesmerized everybody. The dish is flexible that it imbibes the tradition and culture of the state in which it is being prepared. It reflects the taste of the state it belongs to.

the midpoint cafe chandigarh

From Hyderabadi Biryani to Kolkata Biryani, TBS (The Biryani Story) renders biryani that will make you eat your fingers... These lip-smacking Biryani will make you fall in love with the exotic flavors that it comes along with.

the midpoint cafe chandigarh

Now, Let’s jump to the real point… The Biryani Story, A Unit of Midpoint Cafe. I know from the beginning you must be waiting for this part… Tada!!! We are here. Well, the Biryani Story has got sub stories. By this, we mean versions of Biryani’s available.

The Classic Brigade

*Biryani served with Mix Raita, Gravy and Mix pickle (Both Veg/ Non-Veg)

The Handi Wagon

*Biryani Tikka Hand – A Wholesome Meal- Biryani, Tikka, and Gravy served in a Clay Pot

Biryani Wraps

*Biryani Burrito Wraps- Biryani and keema wraps smothered in Signature Sauces

Mmmmmmmm… Who on this earth can convert biryani(s) into wraps… It’s The Biryani Story…

You can order your favorite biryani in three portion sizes 

This is just the trailer… Coz picture abhi baaki hai meri dost. And, the varieties of this main biryani are yet to be unleashed. Wait... This portion and explorations of the various subversions are left for you… Go and explore…

the midpoint cafe chandigarh

Apart from the Biryani section, it serves various other meals. 

*Kali Dal Nizami (It isn't the regular Dal Makhani you get in the market. It is TBS Secret Speciality Dal made with desi ghee and no use of butter) 

*Galouti Kebabs that are so soft and juicy that they melt in your mouth

*Lukhmi paratha (TBS signature)

*Lal Maas (A delicacy from Royal kitchen of Rajasthan)

*Creamy Chicken Korma full of spices and flavor, that begs to be soaked up by a piece of fresh roti/naan.

*Chicken changezi recipe is a Mughlai recipe popular from the era of Genghis Khan. And no one makes it better in Chandigarh than The Biryani Story. So do enjoy the luscious orange gravy, succulent chicken, and creamy-ness all together with laccha paratha.

World cuisines

*Nasi Biryani (The Malaysian Biryani) (Non-Veg)

*Red Thai Curry with Aromatic Steamed Rice Veg/Non-Veg)


*The Mango Phirni deserves a special mention. It is a must try!

You can choose and gorge on them without focussing on other elements (Like whose looking and whose not… cause foodies ko sirf food dikhta hai… !)

The Menu that speaks to you

Whoa!!! Now, this was something in detail that made my taste buds running for them. Never did in my life, I read such a detailed Biryani Menu. The menu intends to convey a perfect picture of the meal that is to being served to the customer.

What goes into the dish…? What are the accompaniments…? And its portions, all these elements qualify for the Best Menu (explained) category award.

Don’t believe me… Race up and explore The Biryani Story… Cya…

Place your order now- 9501666777, 0172 4780707

SCO 41, Sector 21C, Sector 21, Chandigarh, 160022
The Midpoint Cafe Address
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