Hedge Your Bets At Tricity's Elitist Bar Exchange & Microbrewery: The Escape

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The hustle and bustle of a stock exchange is oh-so-exciting. Combine this electrifying concept with our ever loved booze and the resultant intoxicating concoction is absolutely amazing. Mustering up the courage to try something new and unique in Tricity, one brand is redefining the Microbrewery scenes with its Unique concept of Bar Exchange, Microbrewery, and Airbar. Don't believe us? 

the escape bar exchange and microbrewery panchkula

Shoutlo is proud to burst the bubble and bring to you Tricity's elitist and classiest Bar Exchange-Microbrewery-Airbar: The Escape. 

Care to find out more? Read on...

Get ready to Flee with Glee at The Escape Panchkula! 

the escape bar exchange and microbrewery panchkula

Open since 2017, The Escape decided to delight and surprise the city folks with its Brewery that opened its arms to the public in April 2018. The Escape is Tricity's ultimate retreat from the mundanities of routine life in the form of a Unique Bar Exchange cum Microbrewery cum Airbar. Started with the idea of entertaining city folks with original beer, original food, and original music, The Escape evolved and grew over time. It's one place where you can gang up with your buddies for endless Fun & Frolic. 

Gamble Your Heart Away at the Enthralling Bar Exchange!

the escape bar exchange and microbrewery panchkula

The idea of bidding for your drinks is one of the most dynamic and amazing ways to enjoy booze you like without paying the skyrocketing prices for the same. To make boozing even more exciting 'The Escape' came up with an app that lets you know the real-time prices of your favorite concoctions even before you plan your visit. You can view the prices on your phone in The Escape's App and based on the fluctuating rates you can know the pocket-pinch. The more you order, the higher the prices soar of the drinks due to the bidding at the exchange. The best part, just like the stock exchange, this bar exchange can crash, leading to cheap booze for your buddies and you. Now, isn't that what we all want? Ohhhhh Yeaaaaaahhh!! 

Chug on Freshly Brewed Zippy Lager from Tricity's Best Microbrewery! 

the escape bar exchange and microbrewery panchkula

If you are a fan of craft beer and the smell of freshness draws you in, then Escape's Microbrewery is surely going to win you over in a jiffy. With 5 uniquely brewed flavors infused with an exotic taste, brewed by master brewer all the way from Scotland, they have one of the most effervescent lagers. Their freshly brewed flavors include Golden Mile Hefe, Dark Night Dunkel, Belgian Blonde, Dark Saison and Mosiac Bomb. So just gather all your buddies and get ready for the ultimate chugging marathon at The Escape. 

Sip on Scintillating Cocktails And Have a Blast with The Escape! 

the escape bar exchange and microbrewery panchkula

No parties and get-togethers can be complete without intoxicating booze. With a well-stocked bar, The Escape promises to serve the city's patrons with super-zippy cocktails and booze. Get tipsy with cocktails like Narangi, Kesar Kasturi, perfumed Martini, Daiquiri, LIIT, Whiskey Sour and many more zingy concoctions that would surely amp up your mood and make your parties even more special. So, just sit back and order up as much as you like to have a fun-tastical time! 

Gorge on yummilicious food and Feel the City's Vibe With Escape's Airbar! 

place your bids at tricitys elitest bar exchange microbrewery the escape

The Escape is busting an archaic belief that a brewery can't serve delicious food. Based on the theme of serving original dishes with love, Escape's Chefs curate some of the most drool-worthy delights to go well with soul-quenching drinks. The likes of the Chipotle Paneer Tikka, Rajma Chawal Arancini with Beetroot Form, Shamsheri Sulemani Murg Tikka, Bishops Weed Fish Tikka, Drunken Chili Chicken are presented in a 5-star style looks that could make even the most health-conscious foodies ditch their diets. For Spicy Food Lovers, Perri Chicken Wings would zest up your drinks and add the much-needed fun to your get-togethers. For the Italian lovers, Home-made pasta like Pumpkin and Ricotta Ravioli is served in a supremely-styled fashion that would leave you craving for more. And if you feel like experiencing the best-grilled food ever then you ought to try Sosaties South Africa and Jamaican Jerk Chicken from the live grill.

the escape bar exchange and microbrewery panchkula

Coming to the soul-stirring Airbar, the open-air bar is what is the USP of this superlative joint. Feel the cool breeze straight from the hills and enjoy a beautiful ambiance right underneath the stars. Doesn't that sound absolutely refreshing after a tiring and hectic week.? In order to make the atmosphere even more soothing, the live music by various performers is what makes it an evening to remember with your lot! 

World-class Service at Pocket-Friendly Pricing! 

place your bids at tricitys elitest bar exchange microbrewery the escape

If there is one thing that people of Chandigarh love to splurge on, then its good and efficient service. The Escape's staff delivers on the same. They aim to deliver world class hospitality in Tricity with 5 focus rating points. 

-Excellent Food 
-Excellent Service 
-Excellent Music 
-Excellent Ambiance 
-Value for Money 

Now, that is what leaves a lasting impression on the Elite patrons in Tricity! 

place your bids at tricitys elitest bar exchange microbrewery the escape

The Escapathon Equation 

Bar Exchange + Microbrewery + Airbar + Mouth-watering Food + Lightening fast Service= Absolutely Fantastic Fun! 

Location: The Escape, SCO 177, Sector 5, Panchkula
Call: 9872385778 

Hail the Beer Lords and Head to The Escape right away!! 
SCO 177, Sector 5, Panchkula, Haryana 134108
The Escape Address
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