A Gastronomical Rise: The Upstairs Club

By Avleen Kaur
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Going up, are we? Aptly named as the Upstairs Club this place in Panchkula takes you to cloud nine with its surreal gastronomical experience, ambiance and a stunning 180-degree view. Every place, every street, every building speaks to us and offers us something that we take back home as a memory and sometimes when you fall in love and come back to it, just because you can't get enough. The Upstairs Club Panchkula is one such place.

the upstairs club bella vista sector 5 panchkula

The top floor of a building always commands the best view, so once you enter to this club the view instantly hits you. At your eye level, you will come face to face with a breathtaking view of the mountains that surround city beautiful. Hold on! Don’t let go of your breath just now because the interiors will send another wave of admiration for they complement the green and white of the mountains. The Rich green interiors with its potted plants, creepers and the vertical garden pairs up beautifully with the monochromatic background. Huge windows, wooden and wrought iron furniture, soft lights gives a sense of infinite space and class.

the upstairs club bella vista sector 5 panchkula

High up yet close to nature, this club is divided into two sections - an indoor and an outdoor area. While the indoor accommodates for the tables and a bar, the outdoor is open set with a fountain that becomes a small stage for concerts, the decor theme flowing seamlessly from inside to the outside. The perks of having such a club in the Tricity is that if you arrange a morning meeting here, this place is bound to make it less boring and can even drive away those Monday morning blues and in turn give a happy start to a great week. Besides considering this place for a weekday morning, you can arrange an outdoor event for about 340 people or host a private party for 200. Well among such grand arrangements, let's not forget that when it comes to a romantic lunch or dinner for two, this place is perfect.

the upstairs club bella vista sector 5 panchkula

The word dinner strikes hunger in our bellies so don’t worry as there is a wide range of food items on the menu for you to choose from and it also has one of the best cocktail bars in Tricity. The menu has something for everyone, from the chilly lovers to the pescetarian to fusion food lovers. Each dish is prepared with care and passion. Hard to miss out is the wood fired oven, which proudly invites you to try out the wood fire pizzas on the menu. The cocktail bar offers drinks to watch out for like the limoncello spritzer and the classic old-fashioned. The sober companions of the group need not worry; this club has you covered from cold coffees to the leading summer drinks like the elderflower, you are spoilt for choice. Now we all end most of our evenings on a sweet note, so the dessert section must be explored and especially if you have churros and Banoffee jars in it. Need more? Well, they also have personalized coffee for the caffeine lovers. The coffee menu, allows you to pick your beans, choose a brewing technique and how you would want to have it.

the upstairs club bella vista sector 5 panchkula

With all said and done you don’t need to sweat when the bill arrives the prices are upscale, competitive and well-placed per dish. The Upstairs Club is expensive, not in terms of the area or feels but in terms of the idea of usage. You can come one fine morning with a book or laptop, sit and sip some coffee or do the same with your colleagues. This can be either a nice quiet intimate dinner or a stage set for a party, you choose. A sophisticated, upscale, intensifying and pleasing all your senses is how we would sum up the Upstairs Club.

the upstairs club bella vista sector 5 panchkula

Book a Table: 096506 11599
Address: 6th floor, WelcomHotel Bella Vista, Sector 5, Panchkula
Opening Hours: 12 PM - 12 AM

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