8 Things Every 20-Something Girl Gets To Hear & She Is Hell Tired Of Hearing

By Karishma Drabla
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Yes! You have entered into the weirdest age of your life and you now no longer seem to do all the crazy and irresponsible stuff the way you used to do in your teens, right? Trust me, 20 is quite an offbeat age. It can come up with fun, weirdness and of course, the struggle that could possibly make you hate every moment of being twenty-something.

Whilst at one point you might consider yourself self-dependent and relaxed, the people around you might guiltily try every damn thing to make you feel worried about only YOUR life. The people may only and utterly seem to be into YOU. I know that could be more than disgusting.

Well, if the girls who are reading this, have already hit their twenties, we could do nothing but just feel their pain but if not then we could prepare you all girls by telling these savage things that you might probably hear while you hit your 20s!

Things every 20 something girl gets to hear:

1. So, What are your Future Plans?

things every 20 something girl gets to hear

As soon as you get passed out from school, every day becomes like a Question & Answer session where you are propelled into a world filled with hell lot of questions while most of them being on your future plans. What are your next plans? Have you thought what will you do next in your life? – Girls, all these questions might eat up your head right away!

2. You still don’t have a Boyfriend?

things every 20 something girl gets to hear

I can feel this pain right easily. Is living a life without a boyfriend a real tragedy in the twenties? I don’t think so. But we can’t help it as people just can never stop pouring questions about partner/boyfriend/hookups and yes this could make any 20-something feel pissed off to the extreme.

3. Har Waqt Apni Friends k Saath Ghoomti Rehti Hai

things every 20 something girl gets to hear

Ugh, if you get to listen to this, congratulations! Now you will think why I am congratulating you. Well, this line clearly suggests that by being a girl in 20s, you are simply forced to think that roaming around with friends is only guys’ thing and for that matter, you are asked to be within your house boundaries. Anyway, nevermind!

4. Ain’t you little too Old for that dress?

things every 20 something girl gets to hear

D-ugh! Is there any specific age that defines what should be worn and what not? I suppose, no because we have never been taught that age comes with the dressing sense. But as a 20-something girl, you often might get to listen about your wardrobe restrictions. For you, now wearing a v-neck would turn out to be nothing but scandalous.

5. Did you buy that yourself?

things every 20 something girl gets to hear

No, you helped me in that! - A perfect answer to this kind of ridiculous question. Being a girl in 20’s comes with many difficulties, one being ridiculed by the other older friends who think that 20-something girls are not self-sufficient.

6. Kya Karegi Itna Padhkar, Shaadi hi Toh Karni hai Baad Mein

things every 20 something girl gets to hear

To all those girls who get to hear this - It is true that marriage is one of the important decisions to be taken but that doesn’t snatch your right from studying or becoming independent.

Anyway, a reply to all the Aunties, who say so to you – Shaadi karke degree nahi milegi, padh ke milegi Aunty!

7. Abhi Jo Rishta Acha Lage, Us pe Dhayan dena shuru kardo

things every 20 something girl gets to hear

I should ask, why?Baad mein acha nahi milega or Abhi Sale lagi hui hai”? Ergh, this kind of pokes can irritate any girl and of course, to a 20-something one, the most!

8. Are you sure, you are not seeing him?

things every 20 something girl gets to hear

This is one of the silliest questions you might get to hear, right girls? I mean why the girl in her twenties is asked such questions. Wake up all you people because she cannot only see him but can see everyone, courtesy her good eye-sight! *laugh*

I have all my sympathy with you girls. You can simply learn to ignore these punches.
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