7 To-The-Point Things Only Middle-Class Kids Can Feel & Understand

By Karishma Drabla
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Before heading on to the things that only the kids belonging to middle-class families have to face, it is very important to clear that ‘Nobody was born to be poor or chooses to be one of them’. In fact, ‘There’s nothing known as rich or poor, Rich is simply a poor man with money’. Moreover, we all are born and created equal with equal rights.

However, there is a thin difference and that comes in the form of lifestyle that people of different classes live. The necessities and luxuries speak up about middle-class and upper-class families. While a guy grown up in rich family continues to aspire for the moon, a kid born in middle-class is only stuck in meeting his necessities.

So, here we have come up with all those genuine things that the kids born in the middle-class family can only relate to.

1. Re-using gift wrappers

things only middle class kids can understand

If you are born in a middle-class family, you will always be trained to remove the gift wrappers without tearing them so that they can be re-used yet gain while gifting something to others.

2. Using the toothbrush till it looks like a sunflower

things only middle class kids can understand

Middle-class kids know it very well how to use the toothpaste tub till it looks as if any roller has run on it or how to use a toothbrush until it takes the shape of a sunflower.

3. Get to hear the prices of vegetables if left food

things only middle class kids can understand

Kids mostly love to leave their half of the food but what they hate the most is when they get to hear the vegetable rate card verbally by their mothers. 

Yes, the sentences like – ‘Teko pata hai bhindi kitni mhengi hogai hai & Paise ped pe nahi ugte jo tu yun sabjiyan waste kar raha hai’ are the some of them that kids of middle-class families have to hear.

4. Strict rules while sitting in a new car

things only middle class kids can understand

There are always a certain set of rules or I must say, code of conduct that everybody has to follow. However, sadly, children are the ones who have to bear the thunder of rules much more than adults and if the children belong to a middle-class family, then the rules take the shape of laws. Well, one of them is to stop themselves from removing plastic covers attached to the seats of a new car, which somehow becomes irresistible for them. *laugh*

5. Adding water in shampoo bottle...

things only middle class kids can understand

Only to ensure the usage of every bit of shampoo stuck onto its bottle, Is it? Well, every middle-class kid has been taught to make the use of shampoo bottle till its last breath. Right?

6. The attack on the snacks and sweets that aren’t allowed to touch on a daily basis.

things only middle class kids can understand

The choicest of snacks that are taken out from jars in order to serve the guests have always been the ones that kids of a middle-class family are hardly allowed to touch on a regular basis. And when those kids see guests leave, they attack those served plates and wipe them out by having it all in just no time. *Indeed true*

7. Have to study hard as Sharma Ji Ka beta scored 90% in his exams

things only middle class kids can understand

Well, there are two reasons why middle-class kids are bound to study hard- First, they have to fulfill their parents' dream of ‘Padh likh kar naam kaamega’ and of course ‘Paisa too’. And second, because ‘Sharma ji’s son scored good in exam, their dad wants their son to compete with Sharma ji ka beta and beat his marks in his exams’

LOL society, I tell you!

Anyway, these are just a few things that middle-class kids have to face. If any of your friends relate to these mentioned points, tag them!
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