Were You Born In Punjab? Then I Bet You Will Relate To These Things

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There are some common traits found in a Punjabi who is born and brought up in Punjab, no matter where ever he/she relocates to. Punjabism fills your mind and soul. Whatever you do and wherever you go, you will always take mini-Punjab with you. No matter what you do, you cannot avoid the common Punjabi traits coming out like the eternal love for food, dance aficionado, cracking puntastic jokes, etc.

If you too were born and brought up in Punjab then let us walk down the memory lane together-

Things someone born in Punjab will relate to:

1. Food refills and rejoices your soul

things someone born in punjab will relate to

You can miss your flight but not your food. Dishes like Palak Paneer, Butter Chicken, Sarson Ka Saag, etc. are always on your priority list. Before anything food is important, whether it is going on a date, dining out or organizing a party. Food can make and spoil your mood. Good food plus drinks equal to an awesome time.

2. Lassi can fix everything

things someone born in punjab will relate to

It is not a complimentary drink, but it is the synonym of water while eating. Lassi is in our veins. Guests are not served with tea or coffee but with Lassi.  

3. Everything is incomplete without daaru

things someone born in punjab will relate to

Breakup or patch up, fun or grief but alcohol is constant. Everyone is well aware of the fact that no one can win against a Punjabi regarding drinking. The level of drinking is on a different level that no one can match. You can tackle hangovers too as a pro. You know all the hacks and tricks and the corrects excuses. 

4. The Bollywood moms originated from Punjab only

things someone born in punjab will relate to

This is a final and fierce weapon that a Punjabi mum uses to bring situations under her control. She knows the right way to hit the nail hard with her drama. She tries to melt the situations with her crocodile tears. She does it every time and she wins as well. 

5. Visiting Pind (village) is like visiting your lost childhood

things someone born in punjab will relate to

Meeting your extended family and reliving the glorious time is something you always long for. You not only relive those golden days but also get a lot of gifts and love. Every long weekend that you get you plan to visit your Pind but alas! If you are abroad, then you only miss it.

6. The more you abuse, the stronger bond you share

things someone born in punjab will relate to

Every sentence that you speak consists of MC or BC. The case is not at all that you abuse when you are frustrated but even when you are thrilled you abuse. Expressing happiness through abusive words is Punjabi's style.

7. Everything after Bullet

things someone born in punjab will relate to

The bullet is like Punjab's heritage. It is a dream, its sound is a melody, and it is a very prized possession. As soon as you own a bullet your standard raises in your friend circle. You are then treated differently. 

8. Fights are normal for you

things someone born in punjab will relate to

You have witnessed so many physical fights since childhood that now they seem to be a casual affair for you. The Punjabi physical fights will surpass the Bollywood fights as well.

9. Dad's fear can make you do anything

things someone born in punjab will relate to

Every impossible task becomes possible with just one dialogue from your dad that is "Uthaa Main?". Dad's words are LOC. His stern look makes you a helpless puppy from a tiger.

10. Punjabi Aunties are more fierce than the CBI

things someone born in punjab will relate to

They know each and everything thing. Whose girl was Sharma ji's son dating to the board marks of Pintu. They have their internal network which keeps them updated 24*7. 

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