Dusk To Dawn - What To Do When Caught In Curfew In Tricity?

By Muskaan Nagrath
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So what now? A curfew? Meetings delayed… deadlines postponed.. (Good fortune)... A sudden holiday… No plans… All shops closed… Streets empty… stay at home all day… Nooooo… I’m sure the anxiety attacks you have never got will now come to the surface. But we have got a rescue plan for you… Though staying at home is always recommended and you should at least stay with family in such critical situations. Nevertheless, I’m sure there are certain things you either have forgotten to do or they have taken a backseat in your life or have lost the charm. 

Here are some things to do while you are locked up at home, though inappropriate but better than the curfew. 

 1. The sleeping time (I’m already excited) 

things to do in curfew

We all love sleeping. Working consistently obviously sets our biological clock to get up on time. But on these days you can give a surprise to your body by getting up late. Monsoons have already dipped in and if you slightly open an eye to switching off your alarm and you watch the grey black clouds what’s better than to sleep? Snuggle the pillow and get lost in the dreams again. 

 2. The peace talk- Breathe your stress out

things to do in curfew

If you aren’t willing to sleep since you are afraid that the routine will get upset, then mark my words, have a peace talk with yourself. Never heard about it? I'll tell you. It's not new and no rocket science. All you need is to put on a soothing music and just concentrate on your breathing. Trust me, you will thank me for motivating you for peace talks. 

3. Internet’s down, OMG! We are dead

things to do in curfew

We humans might live without food but definitely not GPRS. I’m wondering how the ancient people live and I’ll be soon living there life. Hahaha… But I have got my list. Instead of the internet, you can shift your mind into Cooking, Baking etc. Yes, you can! At least your mom will thank curfew that finally I have my kids physically and mentally sitting next to me. Give her a day without the virtual world pestering you. 

 4. Reap, Reap, Reap- Gardening 

things to do in curfew

There's nothing more relaxing than gardening. Gardening not only burns calories but it connects you with nature. Try asking your granny to help you out. These kingdoms of plants teach you the life’s lessons as to how to adjust, have patience and maintain balance in life. And what a better gift you can give to the environment on this curfew day by helping these saplings to spread the fresh and pure air. 

5. Watch TV Series/Shows/Movies 

things to do in curfew

This is the perfect time to find a new TV series to watch (maybe even multiple if you run out of episodes to watch). TV series and shows are a very good way to get your mind off things, maybe even re-watch an oldie such as Friends! Movies are also a lovely idea, with friends, and with family. Pick a few nice movies and make some popcorn, get comfortable on the couch, and enjoy the rest of your night! You won’t even believe how quickly time goes by when you’re watching something. 

6. Sparkle up your closet 

things to do in curfew

I know... I know... The most annoying thing you would want to do on such a boring day. But then there are ways to even prep up this mood. Put on your favorite tracks on the JBL speaker that you last bought on Flipkart or Amazon sale, and get going through your closet. Those ill fitting jeans, that loose top, the unstylish top and what not. Clean your closet clean your mind and the finally DONATE and make somebody smile. 

7. Live the Real Life 

things to do in curfew

Since the net-revolution has passed on our generation, we kids believe illusion is real and real is the illusion. But my friends, at the end of the day the reality is your family. Your home where you are safe and sound.Where you are presently feeling like a king or a queen.So, don’t leave any moment uncherished but instead take selfies with mom, dad, your pet, siblings and enjoy the curfew with a cake that you baked and tease the selfies while making everybody laugh. 

8. Be happy!!!! Enjoy the two minute stone age (maybe longer OOPS!!) 

things to do in curfew

Your droids dead. No contact with friends, can’t go out, no gedi and this evening is hell lot frustrating. I recommend you go upstairs and watch the night coming into being. Watch it getting manifested, watch the streaming stars, the moon and its shape and enjoy your coffee under the lap of the night. 

 In this state of emergency, Let’s live the moments which our ancestors (devoid of all technology) lived in and experience the curfew murfew….  
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