8 Freaky Things You Can Only Get If You Have Ever Lived In A Hostel

By Karishma Drabla
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Moving away from home, taking responsibilities of oneself without the presence of parents and hugging a new life might seem both enthralling and scary at the same time. And amidst this, what seems to be the best and yet the worst thing about staying away from home? Well, we are talking about the life in the hostel which only the people who have ever stayed in the hostel have experienced.

OK! So, what do you think about the life of a hosteller? Is it filled with fun and frisk? Or Is it a messy experience that hardly anyone can forget? Ah, if asked me, I would say, no matter what hostel teaches you, the life in a hostel is something that everyone should at least experience once in their lives. It not only leaves us with great memories but makes us self-dependent with ease.

From washing your own clothes to cooking Maggi as the only food, there are several things that only a hosteller knows to be true. So, have a look at these things and feel nostalgic in no time.

1. The breakfast idea is a complete NO

things you can relate if you have lived in a hostel

Breakfast? Now, what’s that thing? Well, supposedly, no hosteller might have ever had breakfast while their stay in the hostel. And the reason behind this is nothing just the late waking up schedule that allows the hostellers to binge directly on lunch.

2. Maggi is lunch, dinner and every type of meal

things you can relate if you have lived in a hostel

Ask people who were once hostellers that what they miss more about their hostel life and the answer would be no different than MAGGI. Yes, this staple diet had been their lunch, dinner, and breakfast (which is obviously so rare) and for that matter, all thanks to hostel food which I don’t think needs an introduction.

3. Opposite-natured roommate

things you can relate if you have lived in a hostel

How many of you have shared your room with someone who has happened to be completely opposite to you? Well, I guess many of us as we have hardly been so lucky to have found someone just like us. Of course, I feel that pain.

4. Endless pampering on going home

things you can relate if you have lived in a hostel

There would be no denying that every hosteller could have been pampered a hell lot of times by their mothers on their visit to home after semesters. “Kitna kamzor ho gaya hai mera beta”, “Hostel wale khana nahi dete kya”, “Apna dhyan bilkul nahi rakhta; ab aagaya/aagayi hai na, bilkul pehle jaise kardungi” – You might get to hear all these things from your mom’s mouth. However, ‘Maa ka pyaar he aisa hota hai’, that you get all the VIP treatment on homecoming. Agree?

5. Ah! How could I forget about being Self-reliant?

things you can relate if you have lived in a hostel

In the hostel- You wash your clothes, clean your dishes, wait in a queue to just use washroom, experimental cooking for yourself, taking care of yourself and your belongings without feeling the need of anyone else’s help are all those things that have probably made you a self-dependent person.

6. In short, you become a perfect DIYer

things you can relate if you have lived in a hostel

Did not get what I said? I’ll put it in simple words, I meant ‘Jugaad’. You might have tried so many tricks or hack during hostel life that even after that period you possibly continue to manage the title of a perfect DIYer.

7. Late night parties becomes super fun

things you can relate if you have lived in a hostel

Partying is fun and if it’s about sneaking out at night for a party, it becomes ten times more fun. No doubt, hostellers’ parties had been no less than thrilling and adventurous experience. Do you have the same memories?

8. And yes, last but not the least ‘I Stay In Hostel’ excuse

things you can relate if you have lived in a hostel

This pretty excuse or reason becomes an ultimate answer to every question thrown at you during your stay in a hostel. ‘I get late because I live in the hostel’, ‘I have to take a lot of printouts coz I live in hostel’. I mean this becomes the reply for pretty much for everything as per hostellers.

Well, I am not a great fan of that hostel experience. Are you?
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