Top 10 JBL Headphones For Music Lovers

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Top 10 JBL Headphones For Music Lovers

Top 10 JBL Headphones For Music Lovers

JBL Free Wireless In-Ear Headphones

JBL Free Wireless In Ear Headphones

Enjoy your music and manage your calls with these completely free from wires and easy to use JBL Free Wireless In-Ear Headphones. Yes, you heard us right! JBL Free live up to their name in being truly wireless and is your flexible companion for calls, music and an active lifestyle. Available in two colors - white and black, JBL Free offers 24 hours of combined playback: 4hrs of continuous listening on the headphones plus 20 hours of backup from the smart charging case. IPX5-certified design keeps the music playing through sunshine and rain. Needless to say, we are impressed. |Price: INR 9999|

JBL E55BT Quincy Edition Over-Ear Headphones

JBL E55BT Quincy Edition Over Ear Headphones

JBL E55BT Quincy Edition Over-Ear Headphones are truly remarkable earphones when it comes to multitasking. Yes, JBL E55BT Quincy Edition will seamlessly switch between two devices ensuring that you never miss a call while enjoying your favorite playlist or watching a movie. Not only the legendary producer Quincy Jones has fully endorsed and added his personal touch to the renowned JBL sound as found in theaters, arenas, and studios around but has lent his voice to guide the listener through various headphone functions. With a soft leather headband and form-fitting ear cushions, JBL E55BT Quincy Edition is available in two colors - space gray and dusty rose and features 20 hours of battery life. |Price: INR 8999||Place your order now and get it for INR 8599 only|

JBL T450BT On-Ear Wireless Headphones

JBL T450BT On Ear Wireless Headphones

For a reasonable price, JBL T450BT On-Ear Wireless Headphones deliver terrific sound with booming bass, reproducing the powerful JBL Pure Bass sound you’ve experienced in much bigger venues. Yes, you heard us right! These headphones reproduce that same JBL sound, punching out bass that’s both deep and powerful. Available in three colors - blue, black and white, JBL T450BT offers 11 hours of uninterrupted audio playback on a single charge. |Price: INR 3499|Place your order now and get it for INR 2999 only|

JBL T110BT In-Ear Headphones

JBL T110BT In Ear Headphones

With 6 hours of battery life and featuring JBL Pure Bass Sound, the JBL T110BT headphones offer a grab ‘n go, wireless solution for your everyday usage along with the ability to make or take hands-free calls. Available in 6 distinctive colors - black, blue, pink, white, gray and green, JBL T110BT features a flat tangle-free cable and are lightweight enough to comfortably wear for hours on end. It has a magnetic cable that ensures that the headphones remain comfortably secure and tangle-free around your neck when not in use. What makes it the best? Well, it's very comfortable to wear, sounds good, seems well built, and it isn't outrageously priced.|Price: INR 2499|Place your order now and get it for INR 1899 only|

JBL E45BT On-Ear Headphones

JBL E45BT On Ear Headphones

JBL E45BT On-Ear Headphones is one of the most versatile headphones of JBL, bringing the signature sound of JBL right to your ears. With a sleek appearance and the added convenience of a detachable cable with remote and microphone, JBL E45BT is available in four colors- black, blue, red and white, and features up to 16 hours of battery life, an innovative, stylish fabric headband and ergonomic on-ear design. |Price: INR 6499 |Place your order now and get it for INR 6249 only|

JBL C100SI In-Ear Headphones

JBL C100SI In Ear Headphones

JBL C100SI In-Ear Headphones is the feather-light for all-day comfort headphones that sound great and can be used for everyday wear or sporting activities. This dynamic, ultra-lightweight in-ear headphone delivers the feel-it-in-your-bones bass response and legendary sound quality you expect from JBL. Available in three colors- black, white and red, it comes with 3 sizes of ear tips- small, medium, large- the bud sits loosely in your ear yet remains securely in place that gives you the most comfortable listening experience even for longer listening periods.|Price: INR 1299|Place your order now and get it for INR 749 only|

JBL C300SI On-Ear Headphones

JBL C300SI On Ear Headphones

JBL C300SI On-Ear Headphones has an understated design but prioritizes comfort with cushioned ear cups, which as a result has attracted a loyal fanbase of listeners. Along with lightweight construction & self-adjust ear-cups for a comfortable fit, JBL C300SI also offers high power drivers that deliver JBL sound with bass you can feel. And for the price, the sound quality is excellent, with accurate bass and clear mid-tones.|Price: INR 2999|Place your order now and get it for INR 899 only|

JBL Reflect Mini In-Ear Headphones

JBL Reflect Mini In Ear Headphones

JBL Reflect Mini In-Ear Headphones is a very comfortable lightweight mini in-ear sports headphone that's sweat-resistant and sounds great. Sporting a unique reflective design, JBL Reflect Mini were designed to stay put even during the most intense workouts- from running to cross-fit for hours on end. Thanks to winged tips, the earphones fit securely in your ears. Available in four colors- red, blue, black and teal, JBL Reflect Mini is the perfect training partner that features a one-button remote and mic, adjustable Y-Split cables and the angled connector.|Price: INR 3499|Place your order now and get it for INR 3099 only|

JBL E65BTNC Over-Ear Headphones

JBL E65BTNC Over Ear Headphones

JBL E65BTNC Over-Ear Headphones has an eye-catching design, comfy fit, top-notch noise-canceling capabilities and delivers the world-renowned JBL Signature Sound with wireless convenience. Available in three different colors- black, blue and white, JBL E65BTNC features 24 hours of battery life in Bluetooth mode (15 hours in Bluetooth and noise-canceling mode), detachable, tangle-free fabric cord with one button remote, and a flat-folding design for easy transportation.|Price: INR 9999|

JBL T110 In-Ear Headphones

JBL T110 In Ear Headphones

The lightweight, comfortable and compact JBL T110 In-Ear Headphones punch out some serious bass, reproducing the JBL Pure Bass sound you’ve experienced. The single-button remote on a tangle-free flat cable lets you control music playback, as well as answer calls on the fly with a built-in microphone. Available in four colors- red, white, blue, black, JBL T110 got an unfashionably open and accurate sound, rather than the overtly bassy sound that many buds push.|Price: INR 1290|Place your order now and get it for INR 799 only|

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