Top 6 reasons why a guy didn’t text you back

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Ever wondered why a guy suddenly disappeared on you? Gone all cold for no reason? Stop looking at your phone every 2 seconds. There’s nothing wrong with your phone’s internet connection or you. Don’t cry your heart out and anticipate a text or a call back from that moron. Stop asking yourself what went wrong and don’t even bother to reread your old conversations in order to come up with a lame excuse to soothe your heart. Don’t start panicking and stop driving yourself nuts. Before you contemplate your life choices and ask yourself “What did I do wrong?” Consider reading the list down below.

Team ShoutLo has come up with a list of all the possible reasons why he didn’t text you back. Read on!

top 6 reasons why a guy didnt text you back

He’s a busy bee: In most cases, guys are genuinely busy. If he’s busy that means he’s distracted and the distraction is surely not you. Stop over analyzing things and give him some time to sort his other priorities. He will come around eventually. Hopefully! Keeping our fingers crossed. 

top 6 reasons why a guy didnt text you back

He’s just not into you: Everybody fears rejection. Some guys just don’t want to hurt you via a text or a phone call so they let things be. Guys fear the drama and thus, refrain from being blunt about certain things. They either fear or are way too carefree with conveying and considering the jolt of feeling and emotions. The bottom line is let him be and move on. You cannot wait for him for the rest of your life after all. There are tons of fish in a pond. Cheer up!

top 6 reasons why a guy didnt text you back

He doesn’t know how to keep the texting game going: Some guys are simply clueless about everything and anything in life. If he stopped texting you during a lull conversation then he simply doesn’t know how to end a conversation formally. Stop over thinking in such cases and initiate a conversation about something else which you think would interest him.

top 6 reasons why a guy didnt text you back

He’s not a text person: While talking to various men of different age groups, Team ShoutLo came across a breed of men who loathe texting. Yes, it’s 2017 and no, we are not kidding. It can be a possibility that your guy falls into this category and that clearly explains why he didn’t text you back. Wait for his phone call instead.

top 6 reasons why a guy didnt text you back

Don’t bombard him with messages: The single most annoying thing to do to a guy is to bombard him with messages. Guys have this uncanny tendency of categorizing such girls as clingy and desperate. Stop sending him a chain of messages and also, refrain from sending him paragraph messages. Take a step back from your messaging game. 

top 6 reasons why a guy didnt text you back

He’s not looking for anything serious: Everything was going fine and you two were gelling well but all of a sudden he stopped responding to you? Well, then it can be a possibility that he doesn’t want to play along with you as he’s not looking for anything serious. He just doesn’t want to tag you along and give you false hope which explains why he stopped responding to your texts.

Do you have any other reason to add to this list? Comment down below.
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