Top Bars In Ludhiana You Should Have Been To

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Celebrating and getting a charge out of in Ludhiana is a much-anticipated issue these days. Call it an advancement party or your own birthday, Ludhiana will divert you and paint the town red. 

If you are a social butterfly and want to live the Pharrell Williams song- ‘Because I’m Happy, clap along if you feel like happiness is the truth’…. Then, the below-listed Bars in Ludhiana will make you feel that the world is your oyster. 

Those gulabi notes in your pocket are kicking the bucket to be spent in these vivacious bars, need to treat you for the wide smiles on your gleaming countenances. 

F Bar Brewery and Lounge

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When fashion meets fun, and you meet your friends, the place is more fun than a barrel of monkeys. F Bar is a Global Chain and keeps up its emblem and pours its heart out to Ludhiana natives by dazzling them with its sheer charm. Prep up, doll up and gear up for a glamorous night. 

Location-9th Floor, Pavilion Mall, Civil Lines, Ludhiana 
Call- 073470 33000 
Timings- Noon-Midnight 

Bourbon Broadway 

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The new kid on the block has mesmerized everybody with its stylistic format and heart-stirring scenery. While you delight in your drink, devour your eyes on the most stunning perspective of the city. The place is flocked mostly by youngsters and newlyweds which makes it a powerhouse. 

Location-Plot No.11,12-E Malhar Road, Malhar Cinema Rd, B - Block, E-Block, Sarabha Nagar, Ludhiana 
Call- +91 8556955555 
Timings- 11 AM-Midnight 

Underdoggs Brewery & Kitchen 

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This place is the preamble for all beer and party lovers. The heartthrob of the town, Underdoggs Brewery & Kitchen needs no introduction. Its easy approach and gladdening parties make sit one of the hottest destinations to delight on drinks and food with buddies and circle of relatives. 

Location- Flamez Mall, Malhar Cinema Rd, Gurdev Nagar, Ludhiana 
Call-070876 00014 
Timings- Noon- 1AM 

Upper Housee 

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Phew! This vicinity blows my mind and I get entranced by the engineering of Upper Housee every time I visit this place. The major attractions apart from its food and drinks are the checkered floors, outstanding yellow furniture, and its multiple terraces. And if you want to be on top of the town and feel the breeze, then head instantly to the topmost arena. 

Location- 5, Pakhowal Rd, New Lajpat Nagar, Model Gram, Ludhiana 
Call- 083319 00001 
Timings- 11 AM-Midnight 

The Old School 

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Warm up at this bar since the passageway garden will make your boring winter afternoon a lot merrier and energetic. The provincial climate and classy décor let you sulk and have a whale of a time. The bewildering logo orders thankfulness alongside the flame lit table top. 

Location- 53-54E, Sarabha Nagar, Opp Kipps Market, Ludhiana 
Call- 0161 508 3666 
Timings- 11 AM-Midnight 

Bruu Kiln 

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As the name suggests, TBK is a place to visit if you fascinate a wood-fireplace. The bricked walls give a feel of countryside atmosphere and the high table tops are the star attractions. A perfect spot to go on a date with yourself and of course with family to luxuriate in. 

Location-24F, Malhar Cinema Rd, E-Block, Gurdev Nagar 
Call- 0161 460 2000 
Timings- 11 AM-Midnight 

Blow away the cobwebs and belly up to these bars this weekend! 
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