The Top 8 'In-Vogue' Party Places In Gurgaon

By Kashish Sharma
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What’s up party people? Suffering mid-week blues at work? Already daydreaming about all the new places to hang out and have a blast at the weekend? Don’t worry! We’ve got you covered with the most happening and ‘in-vogue’ places in Gurgaon that are going to make up for your dull and hackneyed week. And so, here is the curated list of all the groovy places in town that would not only get you stoked for the weekend but will also give you the strength to somehow just get done with the work week for the much awaited weekend! 

Top Party places in Gurgaon:


This steampunk bar is sure to blow your party nights out of proportion with its artistic style and aesthetic designs. With the powerhouse energy and atmosphere, it has to offer, your party nights are sure to get elevated to some another unknown level!

top party places in gurgaon

 LOCATION: Vatika Grand, Near Leisure Valley, sector 29, Gurgaon.

 TIMINGS: 12noon – 12 Midnight

 MEAL FOR TWO: Rs 1500 with alcohol 


As the name itself suggests, their perfectly curated ambience combined with fully stocked up liquor range is sure to get you and your gang grooving and swinging to the rhythm of the party beats, leave you asking for more!

top party places in gurgaon

LOCATION: Leisure Valley Park, sector 29, Gurgaon. 

TIMINGS: 12 Noon – 12 Midnight

 MEAL FOR TWO: Rs 1700 with alcohol


This one can be easily be said the “fully sustainable pub” as it caters to all your party needs, starting from the widespread ambience and décor to toothsome dishes and swanky tunes. You really think you can afford to miss it? 

top party places in gurgaon

LOCATION: 4th & 5th floor, plot 13-15, sector 29, Gurgaon.

 TIMINGS: 12 Noon – 12 Midnight 

MEAL FOR TWO: Rs 1800 with alcohol 



If the name itself wasn’t badass enough, Whisky Samba happens to boasts the largest selection of whiskies at affordable prices accompanied by stylish whisky cocktails complemented with a modern progressive menu. From deep tunes to underground bass to free-flowing grooves, you are sure to get on with all of the guns blazing. Saturdays don't get better than this!

top party places in gurgaon

  LOCATION: Two horizon centre, Golf Course Road, Gurgaon. 

TIMINGS: 12 NOON – 4 PM; 6 PM – 12 Midnight 

MEAL FOR TWO: Rs 2500 with alcohol 


What sets it apart? It is the only nightclub and karaoke lounge amidst the endless micro-breweries situated in Sector 29, Gurgaon and is a therefore sure to get you hepped up! Parties don't get wilder than here. Also, the cherry on the top would be that it’s the most appropriate party place to be especially if you’re on a budget. Therefore, Feel the music! Feel the vibe! After all, it’s the club FOR you! 

top party places in gurgaon

LOCATION: SCO 11-12, 3rd floor, Main Market, Sector 29, Gurgaon.

 TIMINGS: 12:30 PM – 12 Midnight

 MEAL FOR TWO: Rs 900 with alcohol 


Apart from having one of the biggest breweries in Gurgaon, their menu specializes from all over the world consisting of a collage of cuisines that offers global flavors. From quirky taglines to the quirky interior you can experience it all. So, if you are looking for a flying experience with the best food, nightlife, and ambience, you know where to drop by! 

top party places in gurgaon

LOCATION: SCO 28, Main Market, Sector 29, Gurgaon. 

TIMINGS: 12 Noon – 1 AM

 MEAL FOR TWO: Rs 1600 with alcohol 


Who doesn’t want to have a rocking party experience? Well, prankster is here to ensure that you don’t miss one, with being India's first food & brewery campus based on college theme, it serves Modern Indian and Multi-cuisine along with fresh beer from its microbrewer and with its luxurious and tastefully done ambience, hence what’s to miss?

top party places in gurgaon

 LOCATION: Site 8-10, sector 29, Gurgaon. 

TIMINGS: 12:30 PM – 1 AM

 MEAL FOR TWO: Rs 1500 with alcohol 


Now, this one’s quirky! The Classroom is your destination for reliving the classroom life as it is a ‘classroom’ themed bar with scrumptious food and drinks, making it a perfect place to hang out, chill or party like there’s no tomorrow with your school gang! 

top party places in gurgaon

LOCATION: Main Market, sector 29, Gurgaon. 

 TIMINGS: 12 Noon – 1 AM 

MEAL FOR TWO: Rs 1200 with alcohol

SO, what are you waiting for? Drop a message to your fellow party animals on your WhatsApp group and let them know about your proposed plans for a jazzy and a delightful weekend and head up there to create some blurry stories to be told on Monday! HAVE A BLAST!         
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