Less-Known Traits That You Need To Look For In Your Potential Life Partner

By Karishma Drabla
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“He should be handsome, NO, actually; He should be cute and smart both, OH! I FORGOT; He should be Rich, nooooo, he should be Riccccccccch! I won’t mind if he has a joint or nuclear family. For me, what matters the most is his openness and honesty”

Do you even think like me? Well, I suppose so! Many girls out there might have an endless list of traits that they have figured it out to look in for their potential spouse but trust me, not only girls there are also some boys who have already pre-set in their minds, the qualities they want in their wives.

See, we all understand the aspects like loyalty, honesty, maturity, respect, love and care to be important and present in a person with whom you have to spend the rest of the life but there are some qualities as well that people hardly ponder upon. Those underrated qualities are equally crucial as the above-mentioned ones.

So, here are those less-known traits that we all should start considering while we talk about our life partners.

Patience even during a fuckin’ traffic jam

traits to look for in your life partner

If you thinking what am I saying, just give me time to explain! Well, patience in a relationship is one of the important things. Coz when you lose out your temper, it is another one to make things right. And lemme tell you a secret: The person’s patience level can be tested during a long traffic jam. If s/he is calm while stuck in jam, it means they can handle pressure and deal with relationship challenges easily.

Winning is not only the option

traits to look for in your life partner

The quality that you always have been concentrating on is ‘WIN’, whether it is winning a competition or winning in an argument. See, couples don’t compete with each other, there’s nothing like one person wins and another loses. Couples are meant to win and lose together. So, if you meet a person who doesn’t care about being right over you or be better than you then you should give a chance to them.

Adaptable to changes

traits to look for in your life partner

In this life, there is only one thing that is certain and that is ‘CHANGE’. So, if you or your partner is OK with the changes in relationship, lifestyle, and nature and if you and they consider growth to a part of a good relationship then you guys should definitely ponder on being partners for life.

Sex is important

traits to look for in your life partner

If he or she is comfortable talking about sex and sex and sex, marry him or her. Physical intimacy is as important as emotional connection. Every couple must be enough responsible to talk about the issues related to sex life including sexual compatibility. While s/he may be shy or embarrassed at first, things would turn out simpler by trying and talking about sensuality soon.

Support even during fight

traits to look for in your life partner

The fight is normal in every relationship at every stage! But how easily you resolve back is what counts. Even if you guys are fighting and still another person is listening to you carefully, caring and understanding the situation and trying to resolve back, that means he is definitely into and you and you should consider him as your spouse.

Physical and mental health as top priority

traits to look for in your life partner

See we all have dietary and exercise habits in particular and in the starting of a relationship, we all cope with the self-care habits of others but observing that our habits don't bother our partner or they don’t get irritated with our routine in near future could be a sign for us that we can live with them happily ever after.

Not shy of seeking help in problems

traits to look for in your life partner

As known, every long-term relationship sees ups and downs but how the other person responds in that situation could help predict the person’s ability to support you through thick and thin. And if he or she is willing to seek help and bail through rough and trying times then you probably can count on them for a lifetime relationship.

This probably goes without saying that you have got to trust your own intuition about who is and isn’t right for you. Don't rule out a potential partner just because he/she doesn’t have these traits. 
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