Transgender Documentary “Admitted”- Voice Of The New Gender, Announced For Screening And Film Festivals

By Muskaan Nagrath
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Taalash hai us nazar ki jo dega mera saath, Apni khushi se jeene ko, Jeewan yapan karne ko, Is nadaan dil ki ek aarzu, Ek sawal.... Kya main nai ban sakti nari?

My mum’s poem is still fresh in my mind looking for answers, pressing for an existence. These words are lifeless up until now. But not any longer. Yes! It’s that time when she’ll find an answer.

Brace yourself as we are about to experience a seismic shift in our very own city, Chandigarh, in the form of a documentary- ADMITTED- A Transgender Documentary that will unravel the lives of the Transgenders and their journey through thick and thin.

transgender documentary admitted voice of the new gender soon in the theatres


Change is the new constant. The minute when your inner self-starts to question your outer self, it is then, when you embark on a journey that is less traveled.

The documentary is beautifully directed by the young and talented director Ojaswwee Sharma. It depicts the excruciating journey of Transgender- Dhananjay. More than struggling with the odds, it’s the fight with oneself. It reflects how courageously the Transgenders strive and take up the cudgels for one’s identity.

The documentary revolves around events such as-

*The path less traveled- The urge to find a space between male and female.

*Self-Identification and realization- The clash of feelings between soul and body.

*Gender Expression and Role- Mirror speaks a lot

*Intrinsic anxiousness- With regards to acceptance from near n dear ones

*Outlining Human Rights- A battle for one’s rights

*A dignified approach to healthy life- Right to education and expression

*The trump card- Panjab University

The biographic documentary reflects the way we perceive and accept things. The docudrama puts light on the importance of education and its implications. It is only education that can bring forth a progressive society. Ojaswwee strongly supports - “Transgenders should not suffer or feel inferior. Social acceptance is a must to ensure that they are not looked down upon, mocked or judged. Their body and identity does not match, but that gives nobody the right to adjudicate them,”

An inspiration for the present and upcoming generation of the Transgenders, the film features eminent Ex-Consul General of Canada in Chandigarh; Ex- Addl. Deputy Commissioner of Chandigarh; Ex- Vice-Chancellor of Panjab University; eminent Department Heads of Panjab University; Government Colleges and Schools; popular and notable RJs and Journalists of Chandigarh from various media houses; academicians; researchers; and the common observant man.

transgender documentary admitted voice of the new gender soon in the theatres


Dhananjay who was born to a driver is the first transgender student at PU since the varsity changed its admission form to admit the ‘third gender’ in 2015.

Mx. Dhananjay already holds a master’s degree in social work and graduated from Government College, Sector 46, in the 1990’s under the male category. A social activist and an LGBT representative, she is an epitome of patience. It is her strong belief in herself that made her move in a beneficial direction towards a better society that is more receptive to change and free from judgment.

Admitted is a tale of struggle, perseverance, and determination. More than this, it’s a transitional journey from being normal to extraordinary in a new life.

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