Truth Behind These Seemingly Healthy Foods Will Force You To Stop Consuming Them The Next Moment

By Karishma Drabla
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People, these days, have become way more than conscious about their appearance, lifestyle and health. Having a proper fitness regime has become an irreplaceable part of their lives. And more so, choosing and embracing healthy food options have become the top priority of everyone without any doubt. Perhaps, health before wealth is the new hot fashion trend among us all.

But don’t you think for the sake of improving fitness, we are binging on choices that are actually not good or healthy for us? You might be surprised to know that the foods that are packaged and labelled using buzzwords like ‘healthy’, ‘less calorie’ or ‘nutritious’ do more harm than good. Yes, you read that right. We are unknowingly consuming foods that seem to be healthy but actually aren’t.

But before starting, let us tell you that we are not against healthy foods but we just want each one of you to understand the right quantity of consumption.

List of Healthy foods that are actually bad for you:

1. Granola

truth behind seemingly healthy foods

Did you know that the appropriate serving size of granola is the 1/4th cup? But chances are that we are having more than that, which means we are consuming the more quantity of sugar and calories and less of fibre. So, somehow this healthy food is doing more bad than good.

2. Flavored Oats

truth behind seemingly healthy foods

Oats that make up for the perfect and a complete breakfast offer a good amount of carbohydrates, protein, and fibre but we are not talking about plain and natural oats. Here, we are highlighting the flavoured oats, be it strawberry or any other variant that carry more than adequate amount of sugar and turn out to be an unhealthy choice for consumption.

3. Packaged fruit juices

truth behind seemingly healthy foods

If you have always been considering packaged fruit juices to be healthy and better than any soft drink like soda or cola then you have been probably fooling yourselves till now. Sorry for being harsh but that’s true. The reason behind claiming so is that the packaged fruit juices contain fructose factor same or nearly same as of colas, making them equally bad for health.

4. Soy protein

truth behind seemingly healthy foods

Soy products have been believed to be healthy for every individual but contrary to beliefs, it has been found that long-term use of soy supplements or unfermented soy is linked to many illnesses such as asthma, hay fever. And please remember, we are not talking about fermented soy.

5. Energy bars

truth behind seemingly healthy foods

Almost every protein or energy bar boasts health benefits but when you probe deep into their ingredients and nutritional profiles you will find out that they carry as much sugar and calories as normal candies. So, try and take special care of that sugar content column.

6. Microwave popcorn

truth behind seemingly healthy foods

Another one of the top health foods that we should not consume is microwave popcorn. The popcorn bags contain many perfluorochemicals that are believed to be linked to many harmful diseases. So, next time when you feel hankering for popcorn, pop your own fresh kernels at home only.

7. Gluten-free snacks

truth behind seemingly healthy foods

It’s time to clear all your misconceptions regarding gluten-free snacks for once and all. We all have thought gluten-free snacks to be better than wheat-based ones but the reality is different. Basically, almost all gluten-free snacks have as many carbohydrates as the wheat-based ones; the only difference is that gluten-free ones offer more of fibre and vitamins.

8. Skimmed/low-fat milk

truth behind seemingly healthy foods

Yes, skimmed milk tends to be healthy for us as it helps us in getting rid of fat but in that process, we are also stripping away some essential nutrients and vitamins. So, in short, skimmed milk is not as beneficial as we think. In fact, the whole milk is healthier than a low-fat one.

Now you know the truth behind the healthy food we all have been eating, so do some small (and non-heartbreaking) changes in your daily diet and keep your body fit.
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