UNGLI KAR- General Elections 2019, An Urge To Vote Assiduously!

By sanya doomra
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Casting a vote is both a ‘Privilege’ as well as ‘Right’ which has now gained the general importance of being both ‘Responsibility’ as well as ‘Duty’. Though all the terms seem to be mutually exclusive because a "privilege" cannot be a right since rights are enjoyed by everyone, while privilege is reserved for a select group. Likewise, it's impossible for an individual to endure the burden of responsibility if they do not observe it as their duty in the context of citizenship. But being a citizen, it is our ‘commitment’ to our Nation rather than an act of ‘obligation’. Casting a vote is so important in order to differentiate in broader spectrum ‘Dictatorship’ and ‘Democracy’. 

ungli kar general elections 2019

When you vote justly, you do not simply choose on the basis of your preference but you gain the power of accountability against the casted vote. One cannot abstain from this topic that is grave in general aspect by simply being either naive, ignorant or may be indecisive or laid back for that matter of fact. While there are some who genuinely cast their vote, many people sit back and relax on voting day and others are cajoled into voting for particular candidates. Whenever a nation loses the count of votes, it loses its voice and that voice once lost in the farthest realms can never be heard. This loss is not just of ‘voice’ but the loss of ‘freedom’ altogether. The generation of yester-years have fought for this freedom and it is our ‘onus’ to preserve it for our ‘bonus’. Both ‘Morals’ and ‘Morale’, ‘Ethics’ and ‘Norms’ in the constitutional context unswervingly direct us to lead a life that is uncompromisingly fulfilled. And this can only happen when the conditions outside are not obstructing or deterrent. 

ungli kar general elections 2019

The real power does not lie in scrolling through tabs but in voting and determining the quality of life we want for ourselves and our future generation. By choosing not to vote, not only do we neglect our duty as Indians but also leave the fate of the country into the hands of the people who are easily manipulated. The year 2015 witnessed a turnout of 66.15% voters- the highest ever recorded which clearly states that 33.85% of voters still did not cast their votes at all. In a country like India, the percentile-33 implies that 44.2 Crore people in approximate numbers did not vote. 65% of the country’s population is below 35 Years of age, it is thus, imperative that they realize their power to vote assiduously and unflinchingly. 

ungli kar general elections 2019

 With the heating debates on spurring the rings of truth, Pinaka Mediaworks and Rolling Frames Entertainment in association with streaming partner-Veblr and casting partners- ActltOut presents latest short campaign film – UNGLI urging Youth to cast their votes in General Election 2019. The gist of the movie is that instead of using your finger to swipe phone screens or scroll down the internet tab, it should be used for voting wisely. The film in less than a minute picks the same point and pricks their conscience. The film has been Written and Directed by Ojaswee Sharma, featuring Swatantra Bharat’s voice, Ranjeet Pannu, Vikas Mehta, Jigar Gill, Gurpreet Waraich and Nitasha Sharma. Let’s chose wisely and decide a better future.

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