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Sleep is essential to existence. Not just for the human beings, but for every mammal around the globe. A sleep deprived body is like an empty box which can lead to the end of your life. In spite of the inability of the researchers to figure out the complete process precisely, we do tend to know a lot about sleep and the sleeping patterns.

Moreover, researchers over the years have found certain facts about sleeping that are indispensable to the process, yet people do not know about it. Let’s ponder into such facts that you weren’t acquainted with.

Some Interesting facts about Sleeping:

#1 What happens during the sleep?

unknown facts about sleep

Though the entire process isn’t known, there are certain things that happen during your sleeping phase. After all the fatigue, your brain tends to recharge itself during the sleeping hours. Furthermore, the cells repair themselves to retain a better form, and a lot of important hormones are released. Woah! Now, this a lot of activity happening inside us. Amazing feeling, isn't it?

#2 What do you dream?

unknown facts about sleep

It’s a proven fact that we can dream only about the people we have seen or known, even though we may not remember consciously. It also happens that the last thing you genuinely think about say for example you think about a person or activity, then you can even dream about that. This has happened with me a lot of times.

#3 Dream by the gender

unknown facts about sleep

Various research studies have stamped the fact that men tend to dream about other men approximately 70% of times. On the other hand, women dream equally about men and females. This is insanely impressive. 

#4 How much do you need to sleep?

unknown facts about sleep

The amount of sleep that a person needs is decided by the age category he falls in.

· Infants: 16 hours.
· Age 3-12: 10 hours.
· Age 13-18: 10 hours.
· Age 19-55: 8 hours.
· 65 above 6 hours.

Sleeping on time and sleeping for the necessary time is very vital.

#5 Parasomnia

unknown facts about sleep

Parasomnia is a state of doing stupid actions while you are sleeping. This does not include the act of mumbling or walking in sleep, but this is something serious. Crimes committed during this state include rape, murder, molestation, etc. Unbelievable, isn't it?

#6 Color television’s role in colored dreaming

unknown facts about sleep

12% of dreamers have their dream painted in black and white. In the past, this percentage was more, but it has considerably declined due to the advent of coloured television. This is strange but true. 

#7 How important is dreaming?

unknown facts about sleep

Where imagining some unusual stuff may make people think that there is something eccentric in dreaming, but according to reports the person who do not dream encounter personality disorders. So do you dream everyday?

#8 What about the married couples?

unknown facts about sleep

If reports are to be believed, one out of the four married couples prefers sleeping on separate beds to have enough space for themselves. Sound sleeping is on their priority list more than intimacy and relationship chemistry.

#9 What about the dolphin?

unknown facts about sleep

When dolphins enter the sleeping phase, only half part of their brain shuts down. The other half remains active to help them with their sleeping cycle. They have mystic powers. Humans cannot even register what happens around them while they are asleep and these dolphins use half of their brain just to sleep. Priorities of a different level.

#10 Sleep deprivations

unknown facts about sleep

Where we give immense importance to food as we assume that a food-deprived man may die soon, the fact is the sleep deprivation is much more harmful. Being food deprived for two weeks may kill you, but ten days without sleep will render you with the same result. Scary!

#11 How quickly do you forget your dreams?

unknown facts about sleep

After 5 minutes of waking up, 50% of dream vanishes from your brain. And within 10 minutes, 90% of the vision disappears. I wish if we could dream like the cartoons. We could dream about anything at any given point of time. 

Sleeping is like recharging our body with energy. We can also be productive when our mind is calm and a good night sleep is very important for that. When it is your sleeping time you should sleep, and you should have a proper cycle of sleep so that your body can adjust accordingly. 

I hope these facts would help you become more familiar with the daily phenomenon of sleeping. 
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