9 Hilariously Weird Questions That We Indians Are Sick Of Answering

By Karishma Drabla
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Without having a second thought, it wouldn’t be wrong to claim that our world is virtually filled with stereotypical people who do not leave a single opportunity to ask racist kind of questions to the people belonging to India. Yes, we are here highlighting the irritating questions that Indians come across in their daily lives and just hate answering them.

We understand that people of every culture have to deal with the vexatious clichés. But Indian stereotype is something that doesn’t settle for anything. For example, one of the most irritating questions that Indians are asked is, “How come you speak English so easily?” I mean why Indians cannot speak English, it is just like another language to be spoken in India. Right?

However, we all have been there and experienced those annoying questions. Well, as long as people of India will be asked such silly questions, we will keep getting a funny list of weird questions that we Indian are sick of answering.

1. So, do you speak Indian too?

weird questions that indians are sick of answering

Yes, quite easily just the way you speak American. We could speak a couple of things in not only Hindu but in Muslim and Christian too. Got it? India has over 1,000 languages spoken in its different states and cities. Hindi is our national language so almost everyone can get a bit of it but yes, we do not speak Indian. So, next time instead of asking ‘Do you speak Hindu or Indian’, go on with ‘Which language do you speak’ and spare yourself that dirty look.

2. Will you have an arranged marriage?

weird questions that indians are sick of answering

Oh! Yes, I can as long as the person is not someone as ignorant as you. Erghhh, this question actually pisses off every Indian. Why cannot we have arranged marriages? Well, our arranged marriages are better, no actually, far better than your blind dates. It's basically an original Cupid’s blessing. Alright?

3. How come you Indians are fair?

weird questions that indians are sick of answering

Did you actually ask that? This is not a question; this is something that we have got to hear someone say this to us a hell lot of times. OK! So, here’s a perfect answer to all those who dare to ask such questions- We apply skin whitening creams to look fair. In fact, we eat those creams to be beautiful inside too.

4. How come you speak English fluently?

weird questions that indians are sick of answering

First, let me ask you – How come you speak your national language so well? For your Information, India is one with the second largest English speaking population. Well, we don’t know about you though!

5. Are you all snake charmers?

weird questions that indians are sick of answering

Another dumb question though! So, yes we are all snake charmers and if you keep asking me such questions I will ask my uncle to bring his snake to blissfully devour you for your own good!

6. Do you actually worship the cows?

weird questions that indians are sick of answering

Yes, we do pray to cows and only as much as you spend time praying to Pizza Hut and Dominos. In fact, I am praying to cow right now to save me from a punching racist like you.

7. Do you always eat spicy food?

weird questions that indians are sick of answering

Yes! Spicy food is Indian’s cup of tea. It is the speciality of our cuisine and if we won’t consume spicy food our taste buds will curse us forever. 

Thank God! You got this!

8. Is Diwali just like Christmas?

weird questions that indians are sick of answering

This is one of the redundant questions that Indians are hell tired of answering. Diwali and Christmas are actually incomparable but if you still need an answer for this then – Yes, we decorate our complete home as a tree on Diwali.

9. India is just like shown in ‘Slumdog Millionaire’, right?

weird questions that indians are sick of answering

To the point, 100% correct! Now, buzz off!

So what are the questions you are tired of answering, share with us in comments section!
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