Yum Chinese At Yo!China Express: The New Takeaway Joint In Panchkula

By Muskaan Nagrath
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Dim-sum, Fried rice, Fried noodles are all natives of China. These delicacies are so ready to eat and delicious that nobody denies gorging on.

We wondered if we will ever get the authentic Chinese cuisine around us… And then there was magic…. Ta-Dah…!

Yo!China is a savior….

Yo! China has successfully served our palates and enticed our bellies for more than a decade and now they are coming up with their First Only Takeaway Joint in Panchkula.

yo china takeaway joint panchkula

Something about Yo! China

Yo!China entered the Indian market in the early 2000s and since then has grown remarkably. Ashish Kapur the Co-Founder and Managing Director of Yo!China believes that “if you don’t do wild things when you are young you will regret it when you are old.” He also adds that his passion for food drove him to enter the entrepreneurship and take a Leap of Faith and start this food venture.

yo china takeaway joint panchkula

Talking about the food

It comes up with Chinese cuisine prepared in high quality at international standards. It lets you taste China and its cuisine while you are India.

It is India’s first and largest Chinese Fast Food Chain. And after acquiring quite a significant position, it intends to focus on the quickie-picky option viz. the takeaway option.

First of its kind, the quick Chinese culinary in a box that oodles happiness and warmth.

yo china takeaway joint panchkula

The Takeaway Joint

the word 'Takeaway' in the dictionary is defined as getting the food packed and enjoying it somewhere else… and this is so convenient… for people like me who just want to snuggle in the bean bag and enjoy twirling and zip-zap-zoom slurping those noodles… Tasty naaa…

It ought to be since its Yo!China. They know how to serve their customers.

Purely a takeaway joint, Yo!China does have a 2-3 casual seating just in case you cannot control your hunger…

yo china takeaway joint panchkula

Address- Booth No. 26, Sector 7, Panchkula

Contact No.: 9815114810

The moment you open up that packaging, the aromas engulf you, the color of the dish sparkles your eyes and tantalizes you to bite on.

Choose from a variety of options and relish their hearty dishes.Chinese abide by serving fresh vegetables and fruits and tins are a big no-no. I wonder this is the reason that gives them the young look and complains of indigestion is negligible… I’m telling you... the indigestion problem people better switch to Chinese style of food.

Anyway enough of me… get going to this outlet for a heavenly boost to senses.

yo china takeaway joint panchkula

P.S. Don’t forget to plan your takeaway option where ever you are taking away your Yo!China box.

Drive in, Pick up and Getaway with the takeaway.
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