Where Authors Turn Storytellers- Hedgehog Cafe’s Exclusive Book Reading Session

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  • Starts On 11:00 AM
  • The Hedgehog Cafe, Sector-7 , Chandigarh

About the event

Dear Tricity Folks

It has been days/months/years since we last heard any story. Probably, the most cherished times were the night/storytelling times when our grannies or mommies would sit by our side and narrate us a story. Though we used to fall asleep, yet any story would fascinate us.

That time has come again. Not through our mothers or grannies, but from the author itself.

Hedgehog Café invites you to its exclusive Book Reading Session by author Vikram Kapur from his latest book “The Assassinations”.

About Vikram Kapur

hedgehog cafe exclusive book reading session

Vikram Kapur, a Novelist, Writer, Creative Writer and English Professor at Shiv Nadar University, holds many feathers in his cap.

With a Ph.D. in creative and critical writing from the University of East Anglia, UK, Vikram Kapur is a strong personality. He believes one shouldn’t confine himself/herself in a room with a word processor or a typewriter. In fact, be courageous enough to open more avenues for himself.

For his latest book, The Assassinations-A Novel of 1984, he derives his inspiration from the fact that how these communal hatreds and violence can affect ordinary lives. Apart from being mentally disturbed, what all emotional and physical changes incurred during those tense times.

With this book, he pressurizes on the need of inspiring young people to maintain calm and peace in our diverse India. And through such books, send a gentle reminder of pondering on a question- How important is to keep alive such past painful incidents in our minds so as to avoid their recurrence in the present situations, both personally and globally.

About the Book- The Assassinations

hedgehog cafe exclusive book reading session

The book reflects how communal differences can instill a war between two peaceful societies.

It clearly puts across the impressions of the Delhi 1984 Sikh riots and its gruesome impact till day. The book can give you chills down your spine, but with a message to maintain peace in a country like ours where such differences can lead to unpleasant scenarios.

The Book Reading Session

Such topics being narrated is one thing….

Being narrated by the author itself is the second thing.

Thereby, inviting all you Readers…. To grab the chance to hear a beautiful yet heart-wrecking story, coming straight from the heart of the author. Those words would be brought to life by the author, making it a lifetime opportunity worth fetching.

Venue- The Hedgehog Café
Address- SCF 12, Sector 7C, Inner Market, Chandigarh
Date- 7th April 2018
Time- 11 AM
Post Session- Tea followed by Discussion between Author and Ajaypal Singh Brar
Entry- Free for all the Book Darlings…

Thanking you
Yours faithfully
Hedgehog Cafe

P.S.- Remember to sip on your cup of joe and cookies...

The Hedgehog Cafe

Inner Market, SCF 12, Sector 7-C, Sector 7, Chandigarh, 160019

Inner Market, SCF 12, Sector 7-C, Sector 7, Chandigarh, 160019


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