• ONDC Chandigarh

    • Location New Sector 5 MDC, Panchkula
    • Time New Open from 11:00 AM to 11:00 PM
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ONDC Chandigarh Reviews

About ONDC Chandigarh

Digital commerce is buzzing with the news of the new player ONDC. Open Network for Digital Commerce or ONDC is the next new thing with its ability to bring buyers and consumers all together at one open platform pushing e-commerce to another level.

ONDC or Open Network for Digital Commerce is an Indian government initiate that when and if implemented would open a door to a wider e-commerce marketplace, wider opportunities and wider scope to sell/shop for seller/buyers. In simpler words, ONDC is a platform that will change the protocol for product cataloging, vendor search, and price comparison with an open network like UPI or Unified Payments Interface.

This open network model of ONDC means a consumer is no longer stuck to the limitation of browsing Amazon or Flipkart separately to search for a product and then check their prices separately and then look for other options before finding the right deal. ONDC means an open network platform where a buyer searching for a product X will find options from all major sellers and networks at one platform without the need to move to another platform.

ONDC aims to create a very possible scenario of bringing local commerce online, thus making it possible for segments like grocery and food delivery, mobility, travel and hotel booking to be easily discovered, engaged and run by any application. To get access to ONDC benefits, sellers or the participating apps must register or join the open network to get access to this UPI model which allows bigger and better competition.

Map & Directions

SCO 11 first floor, Chandigarh - Panchkula Rd, opposite Naugaja Peer Dargah, Sector 5, Panchkula, Haryana 134109
Sector 5 MDC,Panchkula

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