Best Places To Gift A Vacation To Your Lady Love!

By Zufeen Khan
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She is and will always be your little princess, but it is time you realize that she is all grown up!

It is time to let her fly with her wings of freedom, and self-confidence. Play your part (Give her some tips for solo travel) and allow her to experience all that she is, and can be. Here is a list of a few places that every woman must visit to help you plan the perfect trip for your sister/ mother/ wife/ friend.

1. SWITZERLAND: Let her indulge in some Swiss delight! This place offers some the tastiest cuisines, and a perfect adventure. Get your girls and pack your gear for some cool hiking, biking, and surfing! There are even special offers and packages for women traveling here. Thank us later!

best places to gift a vacation to your lady love

2. BALI: Mountains, forests, volcanoes, coral reefs, beaches, and some of the finest resorts! A complete bliss for her if she happens to be a peace lover. The scenic beauty and calm of this place will best suit her, and relax her. This destination is usually crowded with newlywed couples, and so, the place is populated and safe.

best places to gift a vacation to your lady love

3. HAWAII: A perfect combination of tropical waterfalls, beach mountains, cliffs, and beaches with gold, green, red and even black color sand! Hawaii is a U.S. State, and is incredibly easy to reach and safe, as it attracts a lot of tourists all around the year. 

best places to gift a vacation to your lady love

4. THAILAND: Add another beach bumming experience to the list! Beaches top the list to be visited with girl gang, and so let her soak in that beauty. Sipping the best cocktails, with a beautiful sunset to be looked upon. Pure ecstasy!

best places to gift a vacation to your lady love

5. LAS VEGAS: If dress up and show up is her forte, this is the most exemplary place for her! Let her dance her heart out. This place will prove to be a party paradise for her. It is not just the parties that are sharp, hip and groovy, but even the after parties won’t disappoint you! We all know how crowded LA is, and so no worries about her being safe or not. Keep a limit on her credit card if you want to keep a check on her shopping, and alcohol bills!

best places to gift a vacation to your lady love

6. INDIA: Why ignore the beauty of our own country. Send her to God’s own country for finest water fun, Himachal and Uttarakhand for adventures, Goa for partying bliss, Gujarat for nature love, wildlife exploration, Northeast India for cultural festivities, etc. All your interests can be assisted here if you plan a budget-friendly vacay for her. 

best places to gift a vacation to your lady love
Get going and make all the necessary bookings and reservations. Make this one the time of her life! Cheers! 
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