Yo-Yo Honey Singh Is Back With His Yo-Yo Factor!

By Muskaan Nagrath
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“Rapper” or “Rap-Guru” or “Apka Apna Yo-Yo” ... Address him by any name, and your deep embedded dancer automatically gets dyed in the wool. 

honey singh is back with his yoyo factor

Till date, the melodies are still etched in everybody’s mind and the lyrics memorized by heart. The minute the song’s tune in, we begin to groove and go gaga. 

The happiest moments are when we get pumped up even on dark days. Now, this was his power… and he is rearward with a blast. 

Our very own Yo-Yo Honey Singh is back. 

Something about Honey Singh 

Born on 15 March 1983, to a Sikh family in Hoshiarpur, Hirdesh Singh (Famously known as Yo-Yo Honey Singh) did his schooling from Guru Nanak Public School, Punjab Bagh, New Delhi, where his family moved later on. 

honey singh is back with his yoyo factor

Honey Singh pursued a degree in music from Trinity College, United Kingdom

The sensational singer was the highest paid singer in Bollywood as he was paid a whopping amount (nearly 7 million) for a song in films Cocktail and Mastan. 

A fitness nut, he loves to play cricket and drive race cars. 

Where was he? 

On the spur of the moment, he disappeared. While we were nevertheless dancing to his lines and playing his raps, he left us within the midst. 

Meanwhile, Badshaah and Raftaar (past members of Mafia Mundeer) replaced him. And did we forget Honey Singh? Were we missing him? 

The answer is yes… we googled him.. Looked for his whereabouts and perhaps his demise rumor too. Know more about the rumor-RIP, No Not Yet: The Curious Case of Celebrity Death Hoaxes 

Conjectures have been that he had a tiff with Shahrukh Khan or that he could not stomach stardom. 

honey singh is back with his yoyo factor

However, he spilled the beans and revealed that he suffered from Bipolar Disorder, wherein he had hyperexcitability and depression episodes. To which he was given aid by four doctors and strict medication for full 18 months. 

honey singh is back with his yoyo factor

Many Happy Returns 

The reason that I'm excited about this write-up was a few days back when I chanced to come across a video which said- Believe- Hogi Meri Jeet and flashed Yo-Yo Honey Singh’s Picture. 

honey singh is back with his yoyo factor

Out of curiosity, I watched that video and realized that once a star is always a star. And with his comeback song, he has proved that he is back stronger and better. 

The lyrics tell a tale that will connect you to your bad times and inspire you of what you are and your worth. He adds that he has penned down his isolated times in the form of “Khulli Shayari” which he will put up particularly for his fans and allow them to have a perception of what he felt in the course of his absentia from the industry.

honey singh is back with his yoyo factor

He dedicates a special song to his mother while he saw her broke down to bits watching her very own son suffer from the sickness. 

Future Endeavors 

Following his ardor for tunes and love for his fanatics, he carefully devoted his time learning tunes from throughout the globe. 

He feels his comeback should be bigger and intense that proves his role and suffices the project of a Chartbuster performer. 

honey singh is back with his yoyo factor

He has been offered 25 crores to narrate his story and we might see another megastar in making.

Although, he doesn’t need an introduction, and we all are geared up and eagerly awaiting for his songs. 

Roll up your sleeves coz it’s time to heed the brand new beats at home, in cars, at full intensity and all over again experience those goosebumps….    
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